Sirius Backstage Tribute Thread

Discussion in 'The Studio Lounge' started by TSS Taylor, Oct 11, 2008.

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    Gather around kids, and let me tell you the way things used to be:

    Someone cue the "Flashback Music and effect" please...

    I first caught the bug of Satellite Radio back in 2002, I read the SIRI board on Yahoo everyday, and was genuinely intrigued by the idea of SAT radio. I cant even remember how or why, but Tulane Jeff was in a heated tussle with another person on the Yahoo board, (I think the other person started some personal attacks and general flaming)anyway, Jeff said that was his last post on Yahoo, and someone else mentioned his website. I went there, and like many of you guys, it was the first forum I ever joined. It was a great community, and there was LOTS of excitement about this great new technology. I joined the forum 10/07/03.

    Now, understand at that time Sirius was a emerging company, with not a lot of product out. The premier radio at the time was the Kenwood H2A (I dont think Kenwood even makes SAT radios anymore). There was a lot of talk about hardware, and lots of discussion about programming. It seemed like every day Sirius or XM would release a PR about the latest car company they had signed, etc. XM was certainly the leader, had slicker hardware, many more subs, and a much bigger fan base. I remember heated discussions with XM'rs who swore that Sirius could not make a portable radio due to the format of their signals, the overheating of chips, etc. Every radio that Sirius came out with was a "brick" and some of them didnt even make it to production.

    I got my first radio through a promotion i read about on SBS. A FREE Brix Streamer, all I had to do was sign up for a year. It was great, i hooked it up on Christmas Day. I remember DAB's radio reviews, and his homemade "boombox" too.

    We had Joe Clayton as our CEO and he always reminded me of a old carnival barker, he would make some pretty bold claims sometimes, and I always thought he talked a good product, but just couldnt deliver at the time. Joe did have some good vision about one thing though: He realized that exclusive content was the most important part. Under his leadership Sirius started signing more and more exclusive deals with everyone from Eminem to Martha Stewart to the NFL to Howard Stern. Of course, the arguement could be made to as whether that was a good decision or not, but, it definitely put Sirius on the map. A hail Mary of sorts. XM realized too late that they were not a "technology" company, but a "entertainment" company.

    Like a lot of people in love with the product, I became a stockholder too. That has been a experience to say the least...:rolleyes:

    I recently graduated to a Stiletto, and I am amazed about what a great piece of technology it is. The time shifting capabilities are incredible, and while its not a Ipod, it certainly is portable enough for me.

    Again, I would like to say "Thanks" to everyone that made this forum possible. I hope it can rekindle all of the excitement of those early days of Sat Radio and SBS in general, with all of the openess, and level headed discussions of old.

    Heres to the new Digital Radio Central!

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  2. DAB

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    Thanks for the post Bandwagon03. Your brought me down memory lane. That old big boombox I made. I need to post a picture of that thing. LOL :)

    Glad you are hear and so many of us are back together again!
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    Hi Everyone!

    I thought things were too quiet over at SBS. Lucky I found the breadcrumbs that lead me over to here.

    I thought it was just me being quiet that last few months. Glad to see the spirit lives on. SBS was the second Board that I joined. The first was for a Palm product that I was using back then. I joined when Howard anounced he was going to Sirius and I wanted to find the right model (an Xact XTR-1). It was great to find out all the news about Sirius and to connect with all of you. I'm really sorry to see SBS go quiet these past few months. But here's to a new start here at DRC!

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  4. TSS Taylor

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    :jj: I totally remember DABs homeade boombox. That thing was awesome.
  5. MM

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  6. DAB

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    Yeah that was from May 2003. I will post a picture of it when I get home tonight. I remember I used the heck out of that homemade SIRIUS boombox. LOL
  7. Davis

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    Can we throttle the speed down to SBS speed so I get some work done today?
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  9. Wolf

    Wolf I'm manscaping the severs!

    I remember that picture, I thought it looked liked some kind of power generator.
  10. TSS Taylor

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  11. Davis

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    I HATE that movie. For some reason it bothers me. That movie and the book Green Eggs and Ham. What is that damn book supposed to teach? The only thing I get out of it is that if you bug somebody enough they will eventually give in.
  12. hank-the-dwarf

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    it's ok i would have done the same if the situation was reversed.:bigthumbup:
  13. DoublEE

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    Actually it was meant as a joke. Remember Jackie's on air apology to his wife?
  14. roscoryan

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    From my resignation letter at SIRIUS Backstage...

  15. Davis

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    Very well thought out letter/post.
  16. Wolf

    Wolf I'm manscaping the severs!

    Very well said Ryan and welcome aboard to DRC!
  17. limegrass69

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    Well said. I am sure it was difficult for you write that given your commitment over the years.
  18. me_rubin

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    Would you like it Here or There?

    I Loved this book Everywhere.
  19. hank-the-dwarf

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    LOL i remember-havent listened to stern in so long i forgot!
  20. DAB

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    Wow... this blows my mind and makes my heart heavy as well. Ah those days when we'd have meetings and RoscoRyan would submit gaphics and we'd check them out and vote on the best ones. Boy we had some great times.

    All I can say Ryan you are a class act my friend and I have always appreciated all you've done and ever tried to do with SBS.

    Thank you! I am glad you are here and will part of this new forum.
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