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  • The Superdome is going to be rockin' next Monday vs. The Falcons! :yesshake:
    Hey Aaron!

    I am so happy about the Saints! Now we just have to hope they don't implode, which is what they have a history of doing. However, this is truly a different team that I have ever seen in all my years! Man if these guys go to the Superbowl, my only regret is that it won't be in New Orleans this year! Can you imagine?

    Tigers will have an easy one this week, but next week will tell the tale for sure!

    Rock On Saints and Tigers! :)

    You helped me select a head unit back in the Sirius Backstage days. It was a KD-G830.

    What helped is the fact that it had a kickass display. Well the headunit is dead, and since I use a JVC-SIR1, I have to stick with JVC (I lifetimed it). I checked all over the place and I wanted to ask, what the hell happened to the JVC displays? They went all single line cheap! The only TWO models they have available are the KD-R800 & 900 which have the nice displays.

    Is there something I'm missing? Do you know if there's a reason they cheaped out on the displays? Do you know if there are some more models coming out?

    You were always really knowledgable about HU's. I'm assuming that there is no other HU that can work with the JVC-SIR1...

    Thanks for the PM's. I always enjoy our constructive conversations because you always present excellent perspectives. I genuinely appreciate the selfless hundreds of hours you have committed over the years, especially at SBS, working tirelessly to help Sirius subscribers and especially the advice and support you have given me personally. Btw, the Slacker service looks like something I would enjoy and I'm trying to find a good price on the 1st generation receiver. Any tips on where to look?
    They sell those on TSS-Radio if it is what I am thinking it is. Basically it would take the place of the XM factory radio. It consist of a convertor and a Sirius tuner. Taylor as TSS should have those in stock for the Pioneer head unit.

    Let me know if I can assist your further.

    1,400 posts??? Are you kidding me?? I was within 50 or so of you last Wed and now you have 400 more than me? One of these days, I'll have more. One of these days....
    DAB I need some help. We bought our son a 2000 Hyundai Elantra with a XM Ready Pioneer stereo installed. We'd like to get him a Sirius sub. for Christmas, so I called Sirius yesterday and they said since it was a XM radio that I needed a convertor. And the only place to have one installed is about 100 miles away.

    Have you ever heard of such and animal and if so where can I get one mailed to me and how difficult are they to install?


    If you decide to create a Movin' EZ clone on Slacker... Please share it with us. :)
    How long ago? I got the one thanking me for joining here. The email I use anymore to join boards is used exactly just for that. I rarely check it for personal messages or board newsletters :)
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