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  • Hi there, saw one of your post regarding converting the Sirius plug to another and was wondering if you had the exact pin-out. I am trying to connect an iPod to a Sirius Boombox using the Sirius connector.
    I've been following your advice and tips for a while, and never bad direction. I am as frustrated as everyone else with the S50, lack of MSS Vista compatibility and the ever (never) changing logo and voice tag updates. I thought I had outsmarted the system by saving the logo as a .bmp file taken from the Sirius website. All looked great, placed in the CLOGO folder and thought I would have solved a problem for everyone. Nada. After all the time to do that, every logo that was still there previously was now gone. I removed, and put the original file back, so I did recover the Sirius logos that had been there before the experiment. Did I miss something in the process? I do have the folder with all of the new logos in .bmp format if it is something that you think can be tooled with to work. As for voice tags, I figured on step at a time. Any thoughts or suggesitons you may have would be greatly appreciated, I'm more than a few hours into this and am hopeful that it is something simple that I am just missing. Thanks much!!!

    lol don't know how much class I brought since i'm just about on the same mental level as the rest of ya :p Just happy to be back with my boys and on a site that works the way a site should work! :)
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