Heard on Pulse - Moving to Ch. 12

Discussion in 'SiriusXM Soundwave Cafe' started by jr461, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. jr461

    jr461 New Member

    I emailed Jon Zellner about the Bridge and he said it was coming back in January. At the same time I asked about the Loft as that was my favorite when I had XM and he said that it would be on Sirius "soon".

    I send an email to Jim Ryan at the Pulse to clarify what the on air staff has been saying in light of the Led Zeppelin info but no response yet.
  2. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing This space for rent

    Well, that is somewhat good to know. It still sucks but at least I know the channel made the cut.
  3. kryptonite

    kryptonite Well-Known Member

    I'm sure you'll be able to take the detour on E Street.
  4. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing This space for rent

    Yes, its blocked by a big pile of lead.
  5. acap

    acap Member

    Crap... i hate the loft. The Coffee House is better.
  6. jr461

    jr461 New Member

    I like the Coffeehouse a lot too and hoping they can live happily, side by side together!
    Since I read on one of the boards that XM Cafe wouldn't make the cut, I'm hoping that means Coffeehouse does.
  7. acap

    acap Member

    XM Cafe is more like The Spectrum.
  8. satradfan

    satradfan New Member

    Any channel numbers that have been previously talked about are probably out the window.

    This should be the first and last major lineup overhaul to get both services' channel line-ups correlated.

    Seeing PR for shows on different channels i.e. Sirius 123 / XM 114 should be as limited as possible.
  9. YoureOnTheAir

    YoureOnTheAir New Member

    The Pulse shouldn't be moved up it should be Channel 2 it coencides more with Sirius Hits 1.
    1. Sirius Hits 1
    2. The Pulse
    3. Starlite
    4. Sirius Love

    ...and so on. Sirius needs to Group like channels together. I wish Flight 26 was replacing The Pusle.
  10. acap

    acap Member

    I hope Flight 26 lands fast. Pulse rocks.
  11. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Me too, Flight 26 has no personality whatsoever. The Pulse is a lot better!
  12. kryptonite

    kryptonite Well-Known Member

    Don't they already do this?

    Pop 1-whatever.
    Rock = Teens and 20's.
    Techno = 30's
    Rap = 40's and 50's

    And so forth.

    Maybe they could further do it...
    First Wave, Lithium, Alt Nation...oldest to newest
    Shade 45 and the similar channel side by side.

    Right now, it's pretty good.
  13. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Yeah they already group channels, but I think they will have to do some regrouping for various reasons. I think Sirius's system limits the number of categories they can have, whereas XM doesn't have this issue. Then againt his limit maybe due to older tuners more so than the system because it seems that my new tuners have many more categories than my old ones.

    I am just happy to hear the Pulse is staying.. This is a good thing!
  14. kryptonite

    kryptonite Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the Stilettos have categories for Howard, Martha, and whatnot.

    When I had a Sportster, it grouped Howard in with the news/talk and sometimes Entertainment categories.

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