Gas prices.

Discussion in 'The Studio Lounge' started by starmate, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. TheScionicMan

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    I thought I was doing gweat at $3.47 per copy, until I saw this thread. But Cali is always higher than the most other places. Sounds like we run close with NY, probably.
  2. DAB

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    Just got gas tonight $2.89, I thought it was a mistake. LOL

    Here in Louisiana this is good and bad, because lower oil prices mean less money for the state since we are an oil producing state.
  3. MikeV

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    Gas prices at Costco gas stations in Northern VA have been below $3 for about a week now... $2.69 seems to be the going price. Nearby gas stations are charging anywhere from $0.10 to $0.30 more per gallon!
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  4. limegrass69

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    I paid $2.99 per gallon for premium in NJ on the way home from the Giants game yesterday. Regular was $2.65/gallon. It's bizarre...some gas stations were up around $3.50/gallon for regular...right down the street from the cheaper gas...very strange.

    I love how when gas prices are on the rise, the pump price jumps immediately to reflect the hysteria created by the media. Station owners blame it on increased demand. When the prices drop, they tell you that it will take a few weeks to work its way to the pump because they bought the gas in their tanks at the higher prices. These gasoline dealers are a bunch of scum bags.
  5. TSS Taylor

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    In the City of Chicago it's still about $3.70-$3.90. I just drove to Michigan and was pleasantly surprised to see it get down below $3 there. The lowest we saw was $2.76.
  6. memebag

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    The Valero near me dropped from $2.29 last week to $2.19 this week. A week earlier it was $2.99. Some gas stations drop slower than they raise, but not this one. It was packed this morning, but no lines.
  7. Davis

    Davis Member

    memebag, we have that here too. In this area, one station lowers right away then the others follow a few days later (never as much though). This year, however, two stations are trying to keep pace.
  8. Chance00

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    I've read a bunch of articles about gas getting near 3 or below but i haven't seen that in chicago.
  9. me_rubin

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    This weekend, Costco in Sterling had it at $2.50 a gallon. That was the cheapest I've seen in a long time. The line to get gas was long. Most of the others were charging in the $2.90's or low $3.00's. shows all the local prices...

  10. Grüpsaar

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    Yeah, as reported, it's 2.97-2.99 here in the Madison Area.
  11. Davis

    Davis Member

    I have never seen it correct, for my area, on that site. I think the people who report it are smoking crack at the time.
  12. ldivinag

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  13. MAJ Badmotherfarker

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  14. MM

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    Gas here is dropping at least 5 cents a day.
  15. Davis

    Davis Member

    Look at PA. I am in the green County. It is great being in that county right now. I have no idea why it is so much cheaper than the surrounding area. My area is the cheapest of the county as well.
  16. MAJ Badmotherfarker

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    Anyone that thinks offshore drilling is going to do sh*t is clueless. Reasonable expectations have offshore reserves at around 85 billion barrels total. OPEC produces around 11 billion barrels/year. They turn their pumps down just slightly and they can offset any increased supply that offshore is going to give us and the prices will stay the same. Saudi Arabia alone has an estimated 270 billion barrels in reserves and there's around 750 billion in the middle east.
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  17. me_rubin

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    You think their cutting production now. Wait until 2010 when many car manufactures release their electric cars. They should of never let the gas prices go over 4 or 5 bucks a gallon. People will invest in electric cars. It's hard to forget the 100 bucks it took to fill my van at over 4 bucks a gallon.
  18. kingchuck69

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    Ever seen the movie "Who Killed The Electric Car"? If an electric car gets on the road, it'll be off again in no time. See the movie and find out why.
  19. Music_Rube

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    It is currently $2.69 a gallon for mid-grade here in beautiful Bismarck, ND.

    I was in Grand Forks, ND this past Saturday and they were selling gas for $2.64 a gallon.
  20. MadisonRadio1

    MadisonRadio1 MadisonRadio

    Woo Hoo! Filled up at $2.89. Bad news: People will driving 100 mph on our local I90 again.

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