Which game console do you own?

Discussion in 'Games & Consoles' started by Wolf, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. blyons200

    blyons200 These pretzels are making me thirsty.

    Right now I have a PS3,PSP and a Wii, the PS3 gets a lot more attention these days.

    I have had
    Pong- I was very young
    Atari 2600
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  2. I have been rockin' one of these for years! Best console ever! Very reliable too! It will ruin friendships though.

  3. TSSJimmyCoN

    TSSJimmyCoN Member

    up up down down left right left right B A start. Or select start if you're playing with a friend.....

  4. TSSJimmyCoN

    TSSJimmyCoN Member

  5. TSSJimmyCoN

    TSSJimmyCoN Member

  6. Supafly

    Supafly Member

    I think it's funny that some people have two or more $300 systems plus portable systems to boot. I got a Nintendo for $75 two years after it came out and played it for 12 years. The games are still fun and challenging.

    The Xbox has finally come down enough in price that I might buy one. Large library of games. It's the games that count.
  7. eth555

    eth555 New Member

    Right now we have a Xbox 360 Elite, Nintedo DS and a DS lite. Definitely loving the media extender features of the 360!

    In the closet

    Super NES
    Nintedo 64
    Original Xbox
  8. Milamber

    Milamber New Member

    Off the top of my head:

    Xbox 360, PS2, Wii, Gamecube, Dreamcast, N64, and many PS1's. That's what's currently hooked up, I have no idea what all is in the garage. :)
  9. Tristan

    Tristan Member

    I currently have.

    XBOX 360 Elite
    Playstation 3 80GB
    PSP Slim
    Nintendo DS
    The iPhone if you count that as a gaming platform.

    The XBOX 360 gets the most playtime of them all. My girlfriend is playing my DS all the time. She is addicted to Diner Dash and some Salon Game.
  10. JoeTan

    JoeTan Well-Known Member

    just started playing N64 Wrestling. The best wrestling games EVER are on the N64. I don't understand why they can't make them play like that anymore.
  11. snakester

    snakester Member

    XBOX 360 and an NES for me. I still play my PS2 sometimes, but it's on its way out. Freezes constantly in any game that has to load a lot.
  12. JoeTan

    JoeTan Well-Known Member

    try flipping over the PS2 when it starts reading the disk very slowly. Seems to work for some reason.
  13. snakester

    snakester Member

    I'll have to try that. It would be a pain though, I've got one of the toploader ones.

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