For those who were hoping for Lucy or XM Decade channels on Sirius ...

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  1. Tgajr

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    Removing the dj only means that

    Sirius has channels that play without a host. I think they could do the 40s channel like that.
  2. syphix

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    The latest update from has Marlin Taylor's name removed from the list of those let go. So, perhaps 40's on 4, Escape and Enlighten (or something like them) are still safe. I've updated my previous post.
  3. There is a rumor going around at XMFan that Cinemagic will be getting the can on XM.

    I hope this is not the case, as its the most unique radio channel on any satellite radio service.

    I think we should ban together and get vocal to save Cinemagic from the Axe.

    So far I don't like what this merger has done to both companies.
  4. syphix

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    The "Cinemagic rumor" on XMFan was started by someone on their FIRST POST. I don't know the future of Cinemagic after Nov. 4th, but I wouldn't put much weight in the future of it based on the first post of user on XMFan. That's not saying it won't be "deleted/merged" may very well be.
  5. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    I agree. Because it is unique, I would think that should make it exempt for a merge. They may downsize the staff behind it but the channel should survive.
  6. limegrass69

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    I really think that the first wave of consolidation will involve the merging of more or less identical channels. A good example is the Decades channels. Yeah, we can talk all day about the deeper XM playlists, or the horrible old MTV VJ's on Sirius...but from a programming perspective, there is not enough to justify keeping the two sets of decades channels.

    The same could be said for the classic rock channels, and maybe things like standards, jazz, classical, country, urban, etc... There are some nuances between the two services, but probably not enough to justify the duplication.

    There is probably a mindset that perhaps the 40s channel can be rolled into a Standards/Swing channel. I realize that there are difference, but the question is will maintaining separate channels yield enough subscribers??

    You start running into issues when you get into unique channels like: The Bridge, Movin' Easy, Cinemagic, etc. I don't think most of that stuff is going anywhere any time soon. This would seem to have less to do with bandwidth and more to do with cutting jobs and functions that are seen by management as redundant.

    I don't think you'll see the "unique" Sirius stuff showing up on the XM side, nor will the XM stuff end up on Sirius any time soon.
  7. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    But should 1/2 of the merged channels not be from XM? Or should they not be blended?

    And I know some people think country will be different .... rumour has it that America will be replaced by Roadhouse. I think all duplicates will resolve to the Sirius channel. I really hope that those 9.5 million XM subscribers who are happy with the XM channels do indeed keep their subs when they lose every single one of their redundant channels.

    Its stupid for business and it shows to me that these guys really do have their heads up their ass.
  8. limegrass69

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    My wild ass guess is that there are some people who will make some noise at first, but in the end, 99% of subscribers won't really care.

    Sounds like we'll find out in November.
  9. ClubSteeler

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    Does anyone know the answer to this question:

    Are they combining ALL music and simulcasting the same music channels on both platforms?


    Are they combining only similar channels, while keeping some exclusive XM-only and exclusive Sirius-only music channels available only on its original platform?
  10. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    Best guess is combining simular channels. This is not to say they will not make some adjustments if they deem necessary.
  11. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing This space for rent

    Well, I guess the unique stuff is going too. - Home
  12. GoodDog

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    Should All XM and Sirius Programming Merge?

    "If the rumors are correct, there will be little if any difference in the music programming offered by XM and Sirius beginning on November 5. They are expected to offer the same music channels after that date."
  13. limegrass69

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    Something tells me that there are going to be a couple of pissed of people around here.
  14. phillyphan

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    I'm disappointed to hear that we will be losing some channels on XM to duplication. This will be more reason for SIRIUS to include MLB on the "Best of SIRIUS" package. Then I have no reason to keep my XM sub.
  15. syphix

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    I emailed Jon Zellner, who email back VERY quickly. Here's my email, with his response:

    So, it sounds like a COMPLETE restructuring of the channels, with (perhaps) "unique" channels in a specific channel range. (?) i.e., Fox News on the same channel number on each, but OutQ unique to SIRIUS, and The Power (or a similar talk channel) unique to XM?

    I also asked about specific music channels, and received a "cryptic" response:
  16. limegrass69

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    I think he knows just about as much as we do...:Smiley_wink:
  17. I'm very sad about the gutting of XM Chan. 5. I was enjoying the live announcers with listener interaction. I have no interest in listening to their computer spitting out music that I already have on CD.

    I won't give up entirely because I still do listen to CNBC & my daughter likes 20 on 20 but I will be going from 4 subscriptions down to 2.

    My wife likes XM Ch. 6. If they gut that on Nov. 5, we will go down to one subscription.
  18. Tgajr

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    Give it a chance. Just because they are getting rid of a channel doesnt mean they will dump the content. Its an asset. It would be like a pizza company acquiring a new store and replacing the ovens that work fine.

    There is no reason Sirius can use the XM catalog of music on the new channels.
  19. ClubSteeler

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    THANK YOU!!!

    Everyone is in a panic. If the channel changes name, it's gone forever. That's just not true. I say this on XMFan and I am ridiculed.

    Some people over there have gone so far as to say that even if their favorite channels kept the same playlists, they still are going to cancel because the fired DJs added to the "mood" of the channel and that has been lost forver. :rolleyes:

    The name of your favorite channels might change. The number on the dial might change. But it's a bit presumptious to assume that the new channel is going to be some completely different beast completely unable to live up to thew sweet perfection that currently graces your ears, so superb that even the notion of the possibilty of improvemnet is absurd.
  20. They have already dumped the content. The people are gone.

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