Stiletto1 recording of live songs new message


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Aug 16, 2009
For the past couple years i press the record(love lower area on round area) botton when i want a song to be saved on my stiletto--I was up to about 156 songs when i now see a message that states something to the effect of this song might replace an older loved recorded song and can be added by going to computer and downloading with one of the pay for song options

have i maxed out possibly in the amount of space available or has there been a change to the service?(wish it meant something with Apple is about to happen)

Does the Siletto 2 have a higher memory for more saved songs

the message just seemed to indicate i COULD add more but i would have to pay...

Anyone know?


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Oct 11, 2008
Toronto, ON
The SL100 and SL2 both have a 10 hour loved song capacity. The SL2 rarely reaches it since you need to do a device recovery every 4 months or so. The message kicks in at the 9:45 mark I believe. At 10:00, it will start deleting.