Zune Marketplace Vs Bittorrent


Oct 15, 2008

Zune made an awesome addition [see source below for story]to the Marketplace subscription today. In addition to the all you can download subscription, you are now able to download and keep 10 tracks per month even if you cancel your subscription. The way I see it is kind of like buying a album every month and getting a free subscription.

As Ina Fried at CNet points out, this is a move by the Microsoft and the labels to drum up subscription rates since they are lower than what they hoped. But subscription is not the only thing hurting in terms of music sales, physical sales are declining faster than digital downloads can keep up.

With the economy tanking (believe the hype, we are up for some tough times) and unemployment increasing at a rapid rate, music listeners have less discretionary funds to spend. For many people music is a relatively inflexible good, it’s nearly a necessity- call it food for the soul. But with personal finance tightening these listeners won’t listen to less music they will seek cheaper and cheaper ways to get music. Free is difficult to compete with, whether that means birttorrent, ripping friends CDs, or even listening to the radio.

Fighting P2P is proving to be more and more futile. I believe record labels are realizing this by loosening up their content as seen with this Zune Marketplace move as well as allowing more DRM free content. When labels are faced to compete with free, this is nothing but great news for consumers- further driving down the cost of music. This Zune news is just the beginning, I’m sure DRM free subscriptions are right around the corner.
Oct 29, 2008
I was introduced to P2P about a year ago. I don't have very much NHL available in my area. Plus I don't like to support the cable company nonsense. P2P gave me video access to live NHL games on the internet. I was using Sopcast, and VLC media player mostly. The video quality was not the greatest, but it was great to be able to see my favorite team play all the time on the other side of the country. Now the NHL has a service to view live games online with very nice video quality. I'm on a 60 day trial, but plan to pay for it. So I'll certainly pay for something if I like the provider. Sometimes the NHL service blackouts some of the games. So I still use P2P video streaming from time to time.
Recently started using BitTorrent for some specific audio stuff. Cause I don't like the overall provider that broadcasts the original content. It is nice to have the BitTorrent option when you need it. I always pay if I like the provider. P2P or BitTorrent is my last resort if I really want something.

So I see it could have effect on a place like Zune that you mention above, but it can cause issues on cable TV side as well. When folks use P2P technology instead of paying the cable company. If these companies could fit our needs better. I'd be more willing to support the cable company more, but they are just legal thieves in my mind.