"Year" function on Edit Station


New Member
Nov 27, 2008
I'm still learning the ins and outs of customizing stations, so hopefully this isn't too dumb a question. If I'm not mistaken, the Year function allows you to focus on certain portions of artist's careers, so you can emphasize, say, the classic older period of an artist's career rather than their later period (or vice-versa), is that accurate?

If so, will adjusting that edit apply equally across all artists added to a station? Is there a way to customize to only carve out specific career eras for certain artists, but not all? For example, on my classic rock stations, I'd love to capture only the earlier, more classic rock periods of groups like Chicago, Genesis, and Dr. Hook, without having to hear the later poppier, gooier stuff by those groups. Hearing a genuine classic rock jam followed by "Hard Habit To Break" by Chicago is a train wreck I experienced last week that I'd like to avoid. Any suggestions?
Oct 29, 2008
You really can not fine tune like that. I may suggest having two versions of a station. Or just change the fine tune adjustments from time to time. That way you'll get a little of both worlds. You can't ask it to play recent music from one artist, and older music from another artist on the same station. The setting will need to be the same across the whole station. Or you could set to "auto" where it just plays a little of everything.