Yea..Cinemagic is BACK!


Oct 27, 2008
Euless, TX
I've been listening for the last half hour and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is being featured.


THIS is why I love satellite radio. It's this type of thing that I used to imagine and what initially excited me about the concept of satrad.

Nice to know that it can still be like this sometimes.


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Oct 11, 2008
Anytown, WI
I hope it isn't being replaced or going away. I never heard it until tonite, and tuned in to hear Danny elfman. Awesome! Never heard anything like this before on the radio.

I'm a bit afraid, the Stations ID's apperently haven't been updated at all yet, still just says "XM 76" or whichever it is on XM, no mention of Sirius channel numbers.


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Oct 11, 2008
When I use to subscribe to XM, Cinemagic was one of the channels I often listen too and I hope it doesn't go anywhere!


Nov 12, 2008
As a Sirius subscriber, Cinemagic was the highlight for me of the channel merge. Whenever I had access to XM, Cinemagic was always my go to channel.

I saw the other post where it was mentioned that The Strobe may be taking over channel 81. I really hope this means that Sirius isn't already losing Cinemagic from it's lineup. After listening to Cinemagic today, it doesn't sound promising for us Sirius subscribers. They announce the channel as XM 76 (the bumper was updated -- I believe the former channel was XM 27), and they never mention the Sirius number. I sent an e-mail off to to see if they know what's in store for those of us with Sirius only. I truly hope this channel sticks around.


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Oct 27, 2008
I don't know how everyone feels, but while i love Cinemagic, I am disappointed that the movie dialog clips have been eliminated from the segments. I took a chance and sent Dave an email at the old Cinemagic email address - to tell him I missed the dialog clips. I figured it would end up at a customer service desk and I would get a canned response. Well, lo and behold, Dave got it and actually responded!!! Here is my initial email and a summary, in my words, of his reply.

If you liked the clips, please shoot both Dave and SiriusXM customer service an email expressing your opinions. Also, post this on any XM - Sirius discussion boards so maybe we can get a change (of course, if you like the change, I respect your opinions!!).

Dave, I have been a subscriber to XM from day one. Cinemagic was far and away my favorite channel. I was so upset when Cinemagic got bumped for the holidays and have been waiting anxiously for its return, unsure if it actually would return.

Now it's back but without the dialog clips. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. The clips gave Cinemagic its personality and character. Now I feel like its had a lobotomy. I hope it's not, but fear it is, a permanent change. I know my e-mail will not change anything and probably won't even get to you. I will probably get some canned response. But if you do get this I wanted you to know this longtime fan/listener's feeling.

Dave promptly responded and agrees the clips should be part of the segments. He says he fought to keep them in but said the new SiriusXM legal team is fearful of a lawsuit by the studios (of course in the last 7 years, no one has complained one bit).

Dave said he is not giving up though and hopes there will be enough emails to bring this to light to someone in upper management. He hopes the power of the people can help bring back the dialog clips.

Finally, he said the he still has to move forward and try to find new ways to try and keep the channel as entertaining as possible. He is welcome to any ideas along those lines and requested that we pass them my way.

Please send him an e-mail as well as to the general XM e-mail address.


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Oct 9, 2008
Chicago, IL
I just decided to turn it on now. I've always heard so much praise for this station for a long time. It was always an XM Gem. I've got my XMP3 in the compact system and right now it's totally relaxing and fun.


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Oct 9, 2008
I agree that the movie dialog clips is what made Cinemagic well.... Magical. Heck I can get Movie Music/Scores on Slacker, but it has no real magic or personality.

I am hearing a few, but the far and few between not like they were. There use to be some pretty long dialog pieces that were always so cool to hear.

I will certainly send feedback on this!

Thanks for the heads up.


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Oct 11, 2008
Seattle, WA
I just tuned in to Cinemagic for the first time, and I love it. If this was Walk The Dog, I would give it 5 stars. It will stay in my presets in the meantime until it's featured.

They better not take this channel down or I will be pissed. You hear me, SIRIUS? PISSED. :mad:
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