XMRO Price Increase

Dan G

I've been an XMRO subscriber since 2005. Yesterday I got an email stating that XMRO will be raising the price to $12.95 starting in July.

They have increased the amount of channels by 20 including both Stern channels, Sports II, OutQ, etc...

I was only a XMRO subscriber because of Ron & Fez. I was already a Sirius subscriber before getting XM, but I dropped Sirius when I moved earlier this month because I could no longer get a signal without running wires all over my place. Unfortunately my Sirius radio was an older model which couldn't access the Best of XM package.

This price increase actually benefits me, cause now I have all the Sirius channels I enjoyed plus I still get Ron & Fez.

Did Sirius do anything similar for their online subscribers?


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Oct 11, 2008
Toronto, ON
The Sirius internet only package was the full Sirius package with premium internet at $12.95. I suspect the $12.95 package will also be the 128k stream. It seems resonable to me.