XMP3 DOA or just MIA


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Oct 27, 2008
Another radio to lust after!
But back to that $300.00 mark, radio plus home or car kit, that I paid for radios when we started with XM. My wife might get it for me for Christmas, I won't complain if she does, but so far our first gen SkyFi2's and my first gen MyFi have been working just fine. From all I keep reading I'm better off with the old stuff anyway! Sure like that color screen though! We still have our first gen SkyFi's and bought a Roady2 at a yard sale for a dollar, with antenna, power adapter and cassette adapter. Plugged it in and it worked great. Keep it as a spare.:Smiley_wink:

I still have my old Sony first gen radio with the gray scale screen (alhough it's not activated anymore). The little bugger worked well but was rather cumbersome.

The MyFi I have is working great (knock on wood). I have it set up at home and connected to my Cambridge Soundworks radio. It really sounds good. I also love the fact that it has an alarm. The XMp3 doesn't have an alarm, does it? I wish the Inno did also.

Also, even though it is much bigger than my Inno, the pre-set buttons on the front of the MyFi are very convenient. And there are lots of them, 30 if I recall correctly.

I don't see much in the XMp3 that is so new that I need one to replace or supplement my Inno or MyFi.


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Oct 24, 2008
Harrisburg PA.
I like the looks of this radio, but you hit the nail on the head for me. I am so spoiled with the Wifi on my iPod and Stiletto, there is no way right now I'd buy a new one that didn't have wifi. I love the wifi feature.

I wonder what the deal is with all these retailers putting them up and then taking them down?
Hopefully they recalled them to add wifi to them.