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Discussion in 'MLB' started by goreds2, Feb 28, 2010.

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    You got it!

    Go Yankees!! :buttrock:
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    Two new LINKS:

    Major League Baseball - SiriusXM Radio

    Sports - SiriusXM Radio

    Coming up: :headbang:

    Fri, Feb 25 4:10 PM ET Arizona Diamondbacks @ San Francisco Giants XM 188
    Sat, Feb 26 1:05 PM ET Philadelphia Phillies @ New York Yankees XM 176
    Sat, Feb 26 1:05 PM ET Pittsburgh Pirates @ Tampa Bay Rays XM 177
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    Something I found in the SIRIUS XM website:

    XM subscribers can enjoy every MLB game all season long, as well as year-round baseball talk with MLB Network Radio, as part of their regular subscriptions.

    Discussions continue with Major League Baseball and we remain hopeful an agreement will be reached to allow SIRIUS subscribers to hear the games.

    Major League Baseball - SiriusXM Radio

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