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Oct 9, 2008
New England
The Howard Stern, O & A Channel, and Jason Ellis forums are intended to be an extension of the community that already exists here at DRC. If it's about any of these shows, a guest, or participant of one of these shows, the post should be made here.

We have put together the following forum guidelines:

*No personal insults against another DRC member

*No racial attacks or insults.

*Treat each other in a civil manner.

This isn't the place to attack anyone, regardless of what has occurred in the past or on another site.

We would like to keep these forums open. If things get out of hand we will have to you be approved to post in here.

We reserve the right to change or edit these as we see fit. We will advise you what has been changed, if and when it happens.

Enjoy the forums.
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