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Discussion in 'Games & Consoles' started by JHDK, Jun 20, 2010.

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    well i pulled the trigger. had to go to the best buy one town down to find it but its totally worth it. the wifi works great so far. no problems at all. i also picked up gears 2, call of duty (the last one, i forget the name, but the one everyone loved) and madden 10 just cause its cheap and i really miss madden.

    big problem though. i have an hdmi cable and when i hook it up to my tv my tv says something like "unusable signal" or something like that. i ran out and got another cable to make sure that was not the problem and had the same issues with the new cable.

    the odd part is that i had an old xbox like 2 years ago and im pretty sure i used the same hdmi cable on it. my tv is old and off brand so maybe thats the problem.

    anyways, the good news is that it now gives me the perfect excuse to go out and get a new tv. i cant go too big cause my entertainment center has only like 32 inches of room for a tv, and i want to keep that center. at least that means i wont be paying all that much.
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    nice! I'm not one that generally will upgrade to the newest version of tech I already have but I've got the itch to pick one up, I need a bigger hard drive (i have the original 20 gig) and if I bought the 250 gig it will cost half the price of the slimmer/quieter xbox.

    hope you get the HDMI issue worked out!
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    I have been really itching to grab this new XBOX 360 slim for the fact that it's supposed to be a bit quieter. I currently have an XBOX 360 Elite which has been a great system for me so far.

    That HDMI issues sounds a bit weird like it can't negotiate a proper HDCP connection over HDMI. I ran into a similar issue with playing Blu Ray's via a Playstation 3 on an older Samsung TV that had a ton of HDCP wonkiness.
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    Sorry for bumping a month old thread (should have paid more attention to the date)

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