will the field fall below 43

Discussion in 'NASCAR' started by MicEd, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. MicEd

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    A year or 2 ago there was a lot of talk on nascar radio about weather nascar should go to franchising. I think this could happen or should happen because teams are droping out of nascar do to lack of financing and they are losing there equity in the sport. If they went to franchiseing then a tem like petty enterprises would be worth some thing. the way it is now before next season is over i believe you will see feilds in the 30's
  2. Les2

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    38 39 cars in a field.

    In CA it may be less being that teams can't afford to go out that far!
  3. Snafam

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    There may be some regional teams that will try to make it in, or act as start-and-parks, in a lot of the races.

    Derrik Cope?
  4. semipenguin

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    This could help people like Carl Long and Morgan Shepard get back into Cup full time. Wouldn't bother me one bit...:)
  5. dpkimmel2001

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    Personally, I don't think that we'll ever see it in the 30's again. Since they expanded to a 43 car field in 1998, only one race has ever started with fewer than 43. That was the delayed New Hampshire fall race of 2001. it was delayed because of the terrorist attacks in September. Before that, the last time that a race started with fewer cars than the allowed number was in 1996, fall race @ Dover, when 41 or 42 started. I know that times are tough and while some teams are/will fall out of the sport, new ones will evolve. :yesshake:

    Good read on this here -----> NASCAR.com - 43-car field a product of slow change - May 8, 2002
  6. Snoozer

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    I don't think we'll see a drop. In the last few years there has been so much expansion that sooner or later the bubble was going to pop. You had Waltrip and Red Bull come in at once there was FIVE more teams there alone. The first year they came in you had upwards of 48 -49 teams trying to qualify each week.
    I think most weeks you'll see 44 -45 showing up trying to make it in like it was a few years ago.
    There just wasn't enough sponsor money to go around to support. 50+ teams.
  7. dpkimmel2001

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    Would this really be a big deal to you if they started to field less than 43? If you only watch the races on TV, I don't think that you'd even notice. If you go to the races, you might. On TV, about the only time you see anyone toward the rear of the field is if they are being lapped or they are involved in an accident.
  8. Easy Money

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    I dont think its a big deal other than the sound of it. As for franchising, how will it make a team worth more that has been as bad as Petty for the last several years? If sponsors cant afford to come in, why would a new owner come in and pay millions of dollars for a sub par team? How much value is there in franchising, unless its a top team? And they wouldnt want to sell out anyway? Seems to me nothing gained.

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