Wi-Fi Radios? Anyone familiar?

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    Hi guys, I enjoy the HD3 station that our NPR station produces but my only HD Radio is in the car. I considered buying a tablesized HD Radio with an iPod port for $150-$200 before I remembered our NPR affiliate streams all this stuff on their website.

    I've also begun taking a liking for international radio, in particular BBC World Service, Radio 1, maybe Radio 2, and CBC Radio One. All of these are also stream online. I've been mulling over subscribing to SIRIUS for these and WRN (also streaming online) and adding Best of XM, but I'd honestly be kind of happy if I could just listen to internet radio away from the computer.

    Then I see these "Grace Wi-Fi Internet Radio" on Amazon. They're about $150 or so, which is about the same as the HD-FM model I was looking at. They don't have any iPod port but you can stream everything off a computer's music library if you wish, and even without a PC they can connect online and play the most common streaming formats (Windows, Real, etc.)

    I'm just curious if anybody has used any of these. How difficult are they to set up? It seems like this thing is perfect for me (the only thing I'd miss from satrad is a few music channels and sports, as well as in the car but I don't mind local stations in the car.)

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    while i dont have an internet radio i do have the roku soundbridge m1001
    all i had to do was plug it in and let the wireless router locate the soundbridge if
    it didnt i could add it manually roku has a website called radio roku where i went to manually discover my device
    and yes the soundbridge does all so offer internet radio
  3. I just use my computer. This company below sells some high quality wifi radios.....
    WiFi Internet Radios
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    Are you familiar with this product? Do you have to use the Reciva service listed on their page to add a station? Because this radio I'm looking at seems to work with anything. Works with Pandora too, though I don't use that.
  5. No I am not familiar with it. C. Crane co the link you looked at is a fairly small family owned business in the rural community it is located in. If you give them a call during operating hours they can answer all your questions, or send them a email. They are very nice, and friendly employees. If they have what you are looking for. The products are high quality.

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