Which Cell Phone Provider/Plan Do You Have?

Discussion in 'Mobile & Wireless' started by Learjet35A, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Learjet35A

    Learjet35A Member

    I just switched the other day from MetroPCS to the Boost Mobile MOTOKRZR K1m with the UNLTD plan. It's a pretty good deal and uses the Sprint network.
  2. Agent J

    Agent J New Member

    Recently changed my phone plan to include the Nextel phone on my account.
    Line 1 - Sprint Sanyo Katana II
    -450 anytime
    -N&W 7 pm
    -ulimited mobile-to-mobile (Sprint network)
    -no add ons
    -44.99 month

    Line 2 - Nextel Moto i205
    -200 anytime
    -N&W 7 pm
    -unlimited mobile-to-mobile (Sprint network)
    -unlimited DirectConnect (never used though)
    -text part of plan, never used though

    Mobile broadband - FW U680 EVDO Rev.A
    -5GB max monthly

    Total: $155 after all taxes and fees.

    Line 1 & 2
    -Talk share 700 minutes
    -N&W 7 pm
    -unlimited mobile-to-mobile (Sprint network)
    -no text or data add-ons, no DirectConnect on Nextel phone (never used, but pay as you go)

    Mobile broadband

    Total: $145 after all taxes and fees.

    Overall, I am satisfied with the service, although some areas back home in Florida I have nothing at all.
  3. I have not bought into the whole cell phone thing yet. Actually I don't yap on the phone a lot anyway. So I use Tracphone for a cell phone. It's connected to the US cellular network here. It would be expensive if you talk a lot, but I don't. So Tracphone is very cheap for me. Beats any contract I would sign cause I never use very many minutes.
  4. AZDude

    AZDude Member

    Same with me. I also have the double minutes for life on my Tracphone. If you havent added that card you should. It costs $49.99 but it's truly worth the investment and pays for itself almost right away.
  5. eth555

    eth555 New Member

    BlackBerry Storm on Verizon, 1400 Mins, unlimited txt, email and data.
  6. blyons200

    blyons200 These pretzels are making me thirsty.

    T-Mobile's coverage is horrible, absolutely horrible. That's the reason I left. That being said, Sprint/Nextel is not much better, and AT@T leaves something to be desired for sure. Unless you never leave the city.

    I have Verizon, and the coverage is unbelievable. Never, ever been in a place where I had no service, even in rural Western Kansas. No charges when you are roaming on another network either. But the prices are insane. I pay 97 bucks a month for 900 minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, and unlimited text. I'm thinking about switcing to AT@T iPhone when my contract is up. About 15 bucks more for all the benefits of an iPhone. The tradeoff is coverage. Maybe I could live with that though. I guess I will see where I'm at in a few months and decide.
  7. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    AT&T acquiring our local regional cellular company, Centennial Wireless. The good news is that we'll have the great Centennial coverage in the rural areas now under AT&T. This has always been why I stayed with Centennial was because their rural coverage was so superior. Now that AT&T will own those towers it will give them A+ coverage. Centennial has better plans than AT&T, but AT&T offers much better phones. I will be able to stick to my current plan under Centennial which AT&T will honor, but if I ever want to get a new phone, I will of course lose that plan.

    They are hoping this acquisition will be completed by the 2nd quarter of 2009. Clearly the cellular market is saturated and they are getting very few new customers now and so their only means of growing is through acquisition of smaller companies. Centennial only has 1.1 million customers, so this isn't a huge acquisition like the Alltel acquisition was for Verizon.
  8. Jon

    Jon Well-Known Member

    iPhone 3G on AT&T, I switched from T-Mobile on a low-end Motorola PEBL flip phone.

    450 Minutes Talk Time
    Unlimited Text for $20.00
    Unlimited data

    I read my first bill (which was about $160.00 with all the pro-rating, activation fees and stuff) and I guarantee if I didn't have unlimited data and text that bill would have come in a box. :eek:

    So far I'm very happy with AT&T. 3G coverage is awesome in the city of Denver. And there are numerous places around my house that have Wifi coverage when I need to google something or look up a place on the maps application. And the GPS comes in handy. I'm looking at getting a mount for in the truck so I can play it through the FM transmitter and look at the GPS at a good angle without crashing into something.

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