What's your listening choice ?

Your main choice for music providers ?

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Dec 10, 2008
When I ski and snowboard I listen to my iPod nano -- usually just choose the genre (hip hop) and let it shuffle. I wrote a script to intelligently randomize to go from 40GB PC to 4GB nano. Slacker G1 doesn't work so well from a pocket, although I snowboarded to rosco|radio once and it was very appropriate.

For the car, Slacker G1. I use it via a first gen Harman/Kardon Drive+Play -- it's an iPod accessory. Bummer the Auto Aux Input function they have doesn't work.

I also have a Nokia 770 (a Linux internet tablet). Hackers have figured out how to use up to I think 16GB memory cards now, so it can function kinda like an iPod but I use it for other things. Speaking of Linux I've also run Linux on my nano for awhile. Somebody will eventually hack the Slacker into a dual-boot Linux device, no doubt.
Oct 29, 2008
My poll did not take into consideration all of the possible combo listening packages. Oh well. Anyway my point was to see the answer really to the DRC question. How to do take your radio ? Clearly folks are taking it in many different ways. I myself am at a point in my life where I am exclusive to internet radio. Slacker has given that to me. With being able to listen on the go without a internet connection. I'm not listening much on talk radio right now. I get my sports hockey fix on TV. Never did the sports radio thing anyway. For me it is convenience to have just one provider. I like to keep things simple.


Nov 12, 2008
I chose Slacker and SATRAD although I did cancel 1 of my XM subs recently. I have an MP3 player that I use at the gym. Although recently slacker has taken its place also. The portable is great. I use it on the commute, while I'm at work and then on the way to the gym and then back home. I like the surprises you get that an MP3 player you prog'd doesnt provide.


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Dec 16, 2008
I went ahead and ponied up for the $3.99 a month Slacker Plus, and I'm glad I did, no commercial interruptions, unlimited skipping and favoring/banning songs. And I'll be paid up for the year since it's an annual subscription.


Nov 1, 2008
McAllen, Tx.
My music choices are:
1. XM Radio
2. Slacker G2
3. Ipod (80gb).

Although I am considering ditching XM as Slacker is satisfying my musical needs more nowadays.