What's a good XM Inno case?

Discussion in 'XM Portables' started by macfanatic010, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. macfanatic010

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    I bought the Inno used and it came with the XM-branded folding case. However, I HATE that case with vengeance -- it's clunky and it doesn't fit right in my hand so I always end up carrying my inno by itself. however, the inno's bare metal is hard to grip on to and i've actually dropped it twice on concrete since i've got it. Although it's all scuffed up now, I'm glad it isn't broken.

    What cases do you guys use? I looked at the Speck silicone case for the Inno, but it looks like they stopped making them.
  2. geosync

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    The Speck ones are rubber, and you may be able to find some on ebay. I have a belkin model that is the same general shape and design of the one provided with the Inno, except it's made of a thicker, higher quality material. It's a folio case.
  3. Music_Rube

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  4. macfanatic010

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    thanks for the suggestion. i found a really sweet deal on the inno case at eBay, so I ended up getting it.

    like what geosync said, it's pretty much the same thing as the xm case except it's made out of higher quality materials. it's easier to put in & take out than the xm case because of this & plus, unlike the XM case which has that plastic cover, I like the fact that Belkin's plastic cover only covers the LCD screen and I can actually touch the control pad without poking through plastic.

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