What XM radios have you have owned?

Discussion in 'XM Radios' started by roscoryan, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Scoobyfan1

    Scoobyfan1 New Member


    Skyfi2 w/Audio System
  2. dnmoriarty

    dnmoriarty New Member

  3. GAMER

    GAMER Member

    I had the first SONY radio when XM first came out back in 01, since then I have had a couple of Roady, a Myfi and now an Inno.
  4. Geronimo

    Geronimo New Member

    I hada SkyFi2. When I replaced the car I bought it for I "upgraded" toa SkyFi3. I used the SkyFi2 ina boombox for awhile but right now I am down to the Sky Fi3---and my son's OEM saturn unit.
  5. semipenguin

    semipenguin Bum Looker

    My very first XM radio was a Sony Plug and Play that I bought at Circuit City back in June of 2002 for about $300.00...:shock:

    I kept it about a year before I upgraded to a SkyFi with a car kit and boombox...:)

    Since then I've boughten a Roady2 (which I'm using right now), a RoadyXT, and two MyFi Radios (one for me and one for my ex-girlfriend).

    I want to buy an XMP3, but I'm waiting for TSS-Radio to start selling them...:D
  6. jcrean

    jcrean Member

    Currently Active:
    SkyFi 2
    MyFi - my brother's radio

    Still in my possession - not currently active:
    SkyFi (My 1st radio)

    None are currently active (since the merger of the lineups)
    Audiovox PNP2 (BIG unit)
    Sportster 4
  7. skyward

    skyward New Member

    ;) I have two radios and two boomboxes. :churn:

  8. GreenHornet99

    GreenHornet99 Member

    I have 3 MyFi's and all are active. 1 i use in car,gym,work. the other 2 are used at home contected to main home entertainment system and other connected to auxilary in sirius boombox.
    I have Xpress - the one with the colour screen with deluxe boombox - for parents-active

    On the sirius side I have 2 SVC's in my car and fathers-active
    I also have a sportster with boombox-deactivated due to poor home reception although Sirius never deactivated - i don't pay for this one.

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