What is your first impression of DRC?


Mod Emeritus
Oct 9, 2008
Clearly this forum has a slant to sat radio since most of SBS moved here. But we do indeed invite the discussions of other methods of digital media rather that be internet radio, iPods, phones etc. I think these areas will grow with time. If you look at the Pandora and Slacker forum is doing very well. Many of us have both, so trying to just limit the talk to only one thing isn't likely to happen. Many will compare the two technologies.

I don't see this forum becoming a battle ground between sat radio and other technologies at all. I hope the members we have are adult enough to be able to have open and honest discussions without it turning into a war of technologies.

It is likely as long as sat radio remains this forum will always have a leaning towards it, but that doesn't mean the other areas of the forum can't blossom and become just as important.