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Discussion in 'DRC Site Feedback' started by MM, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. limegrass69

    limegrass69 Confused

  2. Davis

    Davis Member

    Yes, my DMV only takes checks. Well, the DMVs in the entire state. Also I have to write a check to pay my school district taxes.
  3. Wolf

    Wolf I'm manscaping the severs!


    It not bacon, it Beggin Stripps hehe :D
  4. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Hehehe... LOL :)
  5. Blitz71

    Blitz71 Member

    Im an SBS defector as well. This new place is great. Im looking forward to seeing the members pile up. Good job guys.
  6. TSS Taylor

    TSS Taylor DRC Fan

    The people we know coming over like you makes this place what it is.
  7. MM

    MM Administrator

    Thanks for joining us.
  8. DoublEE

    DoublEE Active Member

    Where us could a Steelers fan and Browns fan be friends? :eek:
  9. Blitz71

    Blitz71 Member

    Lets not get crazy!!!!!

    Just Kidding.....
  10. semipenguin

    semipenguin Bum Looker

    I like how things look here...:)

    It'll be nice to see more people tune in...:D
  11. Casual Fan

    Casual Fan Surprisingly nice

    Semipenguin, my man!

    semipenguin: Part penguin, part...?
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  12. Bandwagon03

    Bandwagon03 Well-Known Member

    Welcome Aboard Casual, glad to have you on board!
  13. semipenguin

    semipenguin Bum Looker

    You made it, CF...:D

    Good to see you here. I hope the speed keeps you here...:eek:

  14. Casual Fan

    Casual Fan Surprisingly nice

    Hiya, Bandwagon and Semi!

    So sad about SBS. Nothing lasts forever (good or bad). Hopefully this place will be even better.

    For God's sake, has anybody seen gymeejet or Sondan? It wouldn't be a satellite radio forum without them! :rofl2:
  15. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    I think I seen gym the other day at the Salvation Army when I was dropping off some clients. He was giving them on old gym design for life lecture.

    Anyway, I am glad you made it over Casual Fan, I know you and I have knotted heads a time or two, but you are family. Hell we all have someone in our family we don't like, No I am actually kidding. ;) Seriously, I am glad you are here, I think when you cull the bull shit out of the way you and agree a lot more than disagree most of the time.
  16. semipenguin

    semipenguin Bum Looker

    We need to get Chad over here...:)
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  17. MM

    MM Administrator

    Send him an email. New place, new rules, new fun!!
  18. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    That would be great! :bigthumbup:
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  19. MAJ Badmotherfarker

    MAJ Badmotherfarker is drinking a beer.

    Wow, totally forgot about that guy.
  20. johninbricknj

    johninbricknj Member

    DennyHamlinFan11 from SBS checking in. I never posted overthere but lurked everyday.Hope you guys can keep me entertained here like you's did over there.:bigthumbup:

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