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  1. I got a new car. In a effort to keep the paint nice I am waxing it. I used this spray bottle foam stuff. Product is "ultra foam carnauba wax". Simply spray, and wipe. Is this foam spray wax effective ? Is the cream equal, or better ? Seems with the cream more effort, and buffing is needed. How often should cars be waxed ?

    Any tips, suggestions, etc. Appreciated.......I've done one coat of the foam spray wax this morning.

    So chime in.
    wax on, wax off........
  2. roscoryan

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    I'll have my girlfriend help you with this one...she's an expert on such matters. ;)
  3. I see "5 star shine" on the internet. It claims to eliminate needing wax. 5 star is more of a protective coating, but gives the shine and stuff. It has been mentioned wax melts in the sun, and will attract dirt, etc. Not sure. That is why I ask. Anyone using 5 star shine ?
  4. TX WJ

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    If you love your car get a clay bar, is your new car worthy of such effort?
  5. Casual Fan

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    Don't wax your car. The amount of protection you're adding is so negligible as not to be worth it. Your car maintenance time would be much better spent making sure the tires are properly inflated and that there is plenty of oil and antifreeze in the car. Doing things like that will help make certain your car won't leave you stranded on the side of the road--no matter how clean it is.

    If you must use wax, just buy some car soap with wax in it. That way, at least you're not spending extra time waxing it in addition to washing it (which is basically a waste of time, too, unless you've got something on your car like eggs, which eat the finish).
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  6. I don't know. Places on the internet says the bar method will scratch your finish. To use the liquid version.

    I'm just trying to separate functional from gimmick.

    The dealership tried to sell me perma plate applications done by the dealer. For both interior, and exterior. Of course I don't want to give them the money for it. Although I would not mind maintaining the finish myself. Problem is separating fact from fiction......
  7. Sirius Rich

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    This company has been in business for over 60 years. They must make a good product and do something right:

    Help Me Choose > Waxing
  8. Some would argue turtle wax is the bottom of the barrel. That there are much better higher end products, but question is can the average joe tell the difference. Or is waxing a waste of time ? What over the counter products protects your finish the best. I'm not really worried about a shine. More interested in overall protection for a nice longer lasting new finish look.
  9. goreds2

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    This is why my friends say my 2001 still looks new. (188,000 miles)

    Products - LXR
  10. memebag

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    It depends on what your goal is. If you want to make your car look spectacular, get Meguiar's professional line. Get the wash, clearing, polish and wax. It will take a lot of elbow grease to do it right, but the car will look good enough to put in an auto show.

    I advise against any sort of cleaner/wax/shine combo product. Anything that's depositing wax on your car isn't really cleaning it. The secret to a great finish is removing everything but the paint first, then adding wax. A combo product will never do that.
  11. HomieG

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    I recommend Nu-Finish liquid (not paste) wax. I've used it for years, and constantly get compliments about how good our 1993 and 1998 cars look. I also give the cars claybar treatments once a year.
  12. minival

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    Agreed. Even better is the Mother's line, which can be found at Wal-Mart. Wash your car weekly and bi-annually wax your car. Pardon me, I'm also part of some car clubs...

    I follow the recommendation of Brad Bloomquist from John Bull Garage. Here a 23 document with all the information you will ever need about detailing your car:

  13. TX WJ

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    I use mother's and the clay bar does work but it take time. I like to wax a car twice a year, keeps it looking new.
  14. Casual Fan

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    Meh. Cars for me are transportation, not a fashion statement. To quote Han Solo discussing the Millennium Falcon:

    "She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts."

    I also said that about my prom date.
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    I use Turtle Wax Ice, which is definitely more of a protective coating. It's rather expensive but it goes a long way. Just make sure the car is completely dry before using it, otherwise the water spots will become permanent.
  16. TSS Taylor

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    I used to detail cars for years. I love auto detailing, I just wish I had more time to do it. Nu Finish, Mothers, and Meguiars are all great. Every year a company comes up with a newer easier formula and I basically call shenanigans on most of them. Plus to me there is something to be said about putting some good effort into it and feeling some pride. Half of it IMO is for the car and the other half is knowing one can maintain what they have.

    The Clay Bar as Memebag mentioned is awesome but it serves a purpose more to clean the contaminents on the car than to protect or bring a shine. When I did detailing it was a solid 7-9 hours per car. The wheel wells were perfectly clean, the wheels from front to back. All the crevices in the dash were cleaned. The paint was Clay Bared, Glaze, then a Wax.
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  17. I think I'll give the nu finsh wax, and car wash a try.
    TSS what would be a good/safe general cleaner for the dash, and interior plastic ?
    I'd like to just have a little kit that I can rely on when I'm in the cleaning mood.
  18. DAB

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    Well I wash my Scion xB once a week on Friday's unless it is raining. I also clean and vacuum the inside. Every other week the windows inside get a good cleaning. I also wax about every 6 months and I've been using the Nu Finish.

    It never fails when I am out and about people will say. I like your new car, because it does, it looks brand new. I don't do it for fashion statement that has absolutely nothing to do with it. But I enjoy my car and when you take care of one when you get ready to trade it in or sell, you'll get your money for it. I had a 1998 Nissan Frontier and got above the excellent blue book value for it. That is because it too looked brand new.

    I don't know I love riding in a clean, new looking car! Plus I enjoy cleaning it and taking care of it, so what is wrong with that?
  19. Sounds like a good cleaning regimen. I agree I want to keep it nice for possible future resale. Are you using the liquid Nu finish wax as well, or paste ? As a new Scion owner I find myself waving to other Scion owners :wave: on the streets.
  20. TX WJ

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    I am not a fan of armor all I think that it dulls the finish of the interior over time.

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