Using SCVDOC1 in home doc mode?


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Feb 20, 2009
Im new to this board, please forgive me if this is not the appropriate forum for this discussion but it is one of the few places I could find any discussions on the SC interface.

I decided to try sirius radio and picked up a Starmate5 (Hope sirius stays afloat).

My local shop had some SCVDOC1 for cheap (20$) and I picked up a couple. Ideally I was planning on installing in two cars using the SCVDOC1 and Clarion adapter and using the car kit with a power adapter for my home.

As I now understand SC connect mode it seems I lose many features (like replay), so I am debating returning the SCVDOC1 or perhaps better adapting it to use as a car/home dock for use with aux in. Seems it has a build in 12v-5V converter, and direct connection to accessory power (I dont want cigarette lighter power). Also this would allow for use with the MJS Gadgets SC-C1 to car PC adapter.

Pinout for the SC interface is shown in the user manual page 10:

1) Battery
2) Power Enable
3) Serial Data (RX)
4) Ground
5) Audio Right
6) Serial Data (TX)
7) Audio Ground
8) Audio Left

In posts in online forum it seems there is discussion on the SC DIN pinout and comparison between the home doc that has SiriusConnect/Home switch where the SCVDOC1 does not have this switch. So Im in doubt if it would be possible to use the SCVDOC1 as a car kit because it might come up in SC mode thus disabling the Starmate5 control.

I have following questions that I would be greatful if anybody has more info on:

1) Is the "power enable" signal of the SC DIN a way to control SC/H mode, i.e active (+12V?) then SC mode or inactive H mode? If not, what is this pin? Is there any other way to control SC/H mode so I can set it to H mode so I can use the DOC without the Clarion adapter to my head unit?

2) If I decide to buy the clarion cenet adapter to my head unit will this improve sound quality (i.e. does the cenet transfer audio digitally over the tx/rx interface, or is it still analog?)

I've always like toying around with electronics stuff and deciding if I should keep the SCVDOC1 units. Any additional info on this SC interface appreciated.




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Jan 13, 2009
The SCVDOC1 was created so that an aftermarket (or select OEM - Honda or Toyota) radio can control a Sirius Dock and Play or Portible (SL2) radio. The SCVDOC1 is not a normal car dock- it completely bypasses the internal application processor inside the Sirius radio - which is why it only shows "Sirius Connect" mode on the screen and all the features, buttons and controls are bypassed and inaccessable.

The PowerEnable pin 2 is used to turn on/of the Sirius radio. if on (5~12v) it turns on the Sirius Radio. if off (ground, 0v) the Sirius radio is off.

The Tx/Rx lines are used to communicate command and control data from the aftermarket headunit to the Sirius radio- so when you press "channel up" on your headunit, it sends the appropriate command over the Tx lines to the Sirius Radio and the channel tunes up and then sends the artist/song title up the Rx line (oversimplified, but you get the idea)

Accesable features are dependant on the headunit used. example, using an Alpine headunit (2007~up models) will give you things like GameAlert, Song/Artist Seak and if connected to a SP4, SP5, ST4, ST5, you can even use Replay (Some Pioneer radios also have similar capabilities). On the otherhand, if you connect the same Sirius radio to a Clarion CeNet radio, you will only get basic channel/category tuning features.

Sound quality- the audio is delivered via an analog (think RCA) connection from the Sirius Tuner to the headunit at a matched level to the headunit- same as an add on CD-Changer or most iPod adapters. This gives the best possible audio performance for the system- especially compared to a regular AUX input or FM modulator.

There is also a model specifically designed for the home - SCVHOC1, which allows select home AVR (Audio Video Receivers) to control the Sirius tuner the same way that the car unit does- again features are dependent on the AVR- most ony do basic channel tuning.

If you are looking for a basic home dock so you can control the Dock & Play and send the audio to the AVR via an AUX in, then the SCVDOC1 is not for you. But if you want to be able to connect and cotrol it using your home AVR controls, remotes, etc, then by an SCHDOC1.

Hope this is all helpful


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Jul 25, 2010
Using SC-VDOC1 as car dock for Stiletto

I was able to cut pin one on the dock and use it as a car dock (ie. charges Stiletto with 5V, connects external antenna, and has audio out without going into Sirius Connect mode). I've been using it like this for a couple of years. The nice thing is how small the SC-VDOC1 is, so it fits in the armrest of my car just perfectly with the Stiletto. The other thing I liked about being able to use the Stiletto is that it has Replay so I can pause Stern if I need to run into a store etc.

The sound has been fine for Stern, but always a bit muffled and not great for music. I noticed the other day that the sound output was 100% better (louder and clearer) if the car was off and therefore the dock was not powered. The improved audio sounds equivalent to using the headphone-out jack. So, I think the dock is not passing the audio through untouched when it is on.

Any ideas on what other pins I might cut?