USB to Stereo Heaphone Cable?

Discussion in 'SiriusXM Install Bay' started by Gabria13, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Hi, I'm hoping to get some advice here as I’m not that versed in the technology.

    I'm going to be purchasing a new car receiver, one that has USB ports for my iPod and iPhone. I would however, also like to continue utilizing my Starmate 4. I currently get the signal via the FM transmitter which is less than ideal due to the constant static issues.

    Ideally, the car receiver I’d choose would also have an Aux input to connect the Sirius receiver, but if there is no AUX input (the one I have my eye on has none), would it be possible to plug the Sirius receiver into the Car receiver’s USB port via a USB Male to 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack Cable? I did a search and found this:

    [ame=] USB Male to 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack Cable White: Electronics[/ame]

    And this:

    [ame=] BestDealUSA Black USB 2.0 Male To 3.5mm Stereo Microphone Headphone Audio Jack Cable Adapter: Electronics[/ame]

    Would either of these cables be suitable for my purpose? Will they just transmit the audio and not power? Am I correct in thinking if these cables send power to the Sirius receiver it will destroy it? (I think I read that somewhere)

    If the USB to 3.5mm cable won’t work, will the car receiver play Sirius via the iPhone App through the car speakers, or will it play through the phone speakers only?

    I do understand I could purchase a Sirius tuner that connects directly into the car receiver, but I’d rather make it work with the equipment I already have, if possible.

    Thanks to all for any advice and guidance!
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    We'll get TSS on the case. I'll PM TSSMario for you.
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    Which model stereo are you looking at first of all?

    Generally speaking, most USB ports on stereos will either be solely for data transfer/play control from other usb devices (thumb drives, portable hard drives, or mp3 players), or in some cases specifically for iPod/iPhone integration. In the latter, an Apple port to USB data cable would usually be included.

    In order for a 1/8" (3.5mm) audio line to relay sound into a USB port, there has to be a converter (such as this) to make the incoming analog voltage into a digital signal that the headunit can use through it's USB port. Plugging one of those cables into a Starmate probably wont damage it, but you wont get any sound through the stereo.

    I've definitely seen stereo models that have USB in but no aux or RCA in, but they are very rare. Are you sure there are no inputs hidden on the back?
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    I would just recomend getting a car stereo with an Aux port. Why fool around when you can just get something you know works?
  5. HecticArt

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  6. Gabria13

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    I’m looking at the Sony DSX-S210X. I want something that will play and charge my iPod and iPhone and that has Pandora controls. And to be honest, the hidden compartment for the iPod appeals to me. :blush: As you can see, there are two USB ports, but no AUX input.

    You know, I’d completely forgotten that I have one of these somewhere. I was going to have it installed, but then I got the iPod and decided I needed to upgrade the radio so I can play that in the car as well. The original car stereo has no AUX input either (2004 Honda Civic Sedan). Anyway, I could just use that with the new unit, right?

    Really appreciating everybody’s help and feedback.
  7. HecticArt

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    I believe it will work, but TSS can help you make sure the adapter that you have will work with the car that you have. I remember discussion that there were 2 different types, but don't remember what the specifics were.

    Sounds like you're gettting closer.
  8. TSSMario

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    Yep, that is one of the rare ones that dont have aux. Which I still do not understand as it doesn't add much cost to put in a simple port and A/D converter. I would hope these models dont become more commonplace and indicate Sony trying to force things like their Walkman on the market just to get regular audio compatibility.

    I'm not entirely up to speed on car stereo tech, but I would think it's possible that Sony makes an 1/8" to USB dongle type adapter/converter for these specific receivers.

    Otherwise the FM direct recommendation would definitely be the next best available option.
  9. Gabria13

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    What’s a dongle type adapter/converter? :icon_smile:

    Didn’t realize there where two different types. I have Model # FMDA25 (purchased from TSS a few years ago). Will this work in my 2004 Honda Civic Sedan?
  10. sgip2000

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  11. TSSMario

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    The part sgip200 recommended would be considered a dongle. Funny word. It just means a small proprietary part that you hook to one device in order to enable certain built in features.

    Yep. The FMDA25 would be the right one. And it looks like 04 Civic does not require the additional FM adapter plug that some later Honda models do. So FMDA25 on its own will work out.
  12. Gabria13

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    Just wanted to thank you all again for your help and advice. I will be ordering my radio today and I can't wait!

    Thanks again!

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