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Discussion in 'Decades, Pop, Rock' started by givemealiter, Dec 26, 2008.

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    Ok i could be crazy but i think the whole bandwidth thing is a myth. If you look at your channel numbers, just about every one is filled now (they used to take channels off to make room for baseball games). Stupid single artist channels we don't need, really? and now i'm hearing pop 2k might be going away to bring back the strobe and backspin? I say single artist channels go away... pop 2k sticks around, and we bring back strobe, backspin, u-pop and the system back to radios (i'm an xm customer btw), because i know its possible. For realz? Let me know what you guys think, i need some feedback, we need to call some people what do you think?
  2. Aaron

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    I agree with you about too many stupid single artist channels. The removal of Led Zeppelin Radio (Jan. 1?) = The Bridge. The removal of AC/DC Radio (Jan. 15?) = Boneyard. That means we have to work on getting rid of E Street Radio and Grateful Dead Radio. That would free up two spots right there! :icon_smile:
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    see me and you are on the same page, thats what i like to hear
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    btw, what is the new boneyard suppose to be? we already have hair nation
  5. Aaron

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    From the Sirius website:
    Hard and heavy classic rock for the masses with tons of exclusive music features, artist takeovers, and a whole lotta testosterone fueled energy!

    What we play: AC/DC, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Rush, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jimi Hendrix, Iron Maiden.
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    Boneyard might be coming back, but the playlist is Buzzsaw. Which isn't really a bad thing.
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    XM uses equipment that makes it easier to add channels, but it will bring down the sq...:(
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  9. DAB

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    I agree with you that they need to get rid of the single artist channels, but I do not agree that the bandwidth thing is a myth. They do indeed have a limited amount of bandwidth that is a fact.

    It is too bad that Pop2K is going away from Sirius, glad I opted to go with the XM side which also has a few other channels that the Sirius side doesn't have like the Grove and of course the CC channels, which aren't half bad even though they do have some commericals.

    What is too bad is that they could combine the spectrum to a single service and make use of all the bandwidth and not have to divide it up between two service, but unfortunately they agreed not to make any radios obsolete so they are stuck doing this for a long while. But yes the bandwidth thing is REAL!
  10. hexagram

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    I got SIRIUS for the commercial-free music, so I could care less about having a few Clear Channel commercial stations.

    But I definitely agree with you there about the Single Artist channels. They all need to go... ALL OF THEM.

    Get rid of Jimmy Buffet's Radio Margaritaville and bring back "Vacation" (which was what used to be on that station if I remember correctly).

    Get rid of Grateful Dead radio and move that content back to Jam_ON where it belongs. That frees up a slot there.

    Gut the rest, then just create ONE single artist channel that rotates and you got enough bandwidth (content) to make everyone happy.

    P.S. As DAB said, the bandwidth issue is real. SIRIUS has 12.5 MHz of spectrum, and XM has 12.5 MHz of spectrum. While the new SIRIUS XM has 25 MHz of spectrum, they can't combine it without making radios obsolete. If they can make the dual chipsets cheap enough, they could do a swap program (or even a heavy discount) to get people on the new chipsets and start broadcasting with combined spectrum. But, SIRIUS XM isn't probably thinking of that right now (with the debt and all). But they will do what they can at the moment and that is start merging the content and other areas to save costs.

    P.P.S. Another thing they should do is start adding former channels on the Internet feed and make it available to the Premium subscribers only ($2.95 with sub, $12.95 without). It would give current subscribers with the free net stream another reason to kick in a few more dollars for more content.
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  11. DAB

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    All great suggestions and I agree 100%. Now they claim they are listening to their subscribers (I don't believe it) but that is what they say. Well if they are then we need one single artist channel that they can rotate. Though I don't think they will get rid of Elvis (sorry).

    But there is no doubt they need to focus on the dual chipset tuners get everyone switched over to them and then once they accomplish this they could combine the spectrum and once they do that, they could easily switch everyone over and quit making dual chipset tuner.

    The also need to make better use of their oniline internet radio service by as you said adding unique channels etc. Bring back several that you removed and keep them there. They could even do a rotating channel that allows us to get some of these back for a month at a time sort of like the ole Galaxy channel use to be.
  12. ajax25

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    You think you've seen an uproar, try and remove the Grateful Dead channel.
  13. TulaneJeff

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    I wonder how much bandwidth Backseat TV takes up...

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