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Discussion in 'NASCAR' started by dpkimmel2001, Dec 9, 2008.

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    Dale Earnhardt Inc -- 120
    Ganassi -- 71 (from shutdown of the #40 team in June)
    Petty Enterprises -- 65
    Bill Davis Racing -- 60
    Richard Petty Driving Experience -- approx 45
    Roush Fenway Racing -- 35
    Furniture Row -- 25 [approx]
    Earnhardt-Childress Racing Technologies -- 25 [approx]
    Wood Brothers -- 22
    Hendrick Motorsports -- 19
    Stewart-Haas -- 16
    Richard Childress Racing -- 15
    Red Bull Racing -- approx 15
    JTG Daugherty Racing -- 12
    Michael Waltrip Racing -- 12
    Ernie Elliott Inc [Ganassi engines] -- 9
    Joe Gibbs Engines -- approx 5
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    Where did you get your numbers? Just asking.
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    no problem
  6. The bleeding must stop, a tourniquet for the grave economy is a must. Remember that these people have the same bills we have, the same family structures as us, the same constant worry of having to do something for the holidays like us, and the mounting depression of losing a job because some asshole in the Whitehouse gave Fannie and Freddy the ok to go ahead and allow people who can not afford a home to get one, the American Dream? RIGHT. How many more days?
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    It's only getting worse and will probably continue to get worse before it gets better. Everywhere people are losing their jobs .
  8. but its OK for the mega rich to keep spending like no problem. Its ridiculous, I never saw such lunacy and such utter disregard to trying to prevent this from ever happening now, then or never again.

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