Two Shows I listen to on FM

Discussion in 'HD (Terrestrial) Radio' started by TSS Taylor, Oct 11, 2008.

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    Thanks ;)
  2. HarleyJoel

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    I was debating if I should buy a HD tuner for my HD-ready radio but I think I'd only occasionally listen to local news on it. Not sure if the tuner is worth the money.
  3. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    If you like FM radio and FM commercials, go ahead and get an HD radio. You can hear those same commericials digitally. An occasional newscast or traffic report is probably not worth the cost.
  4. HarleyJoel

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    You're probably right. I've been waiting for the tuners to come down in price but they've been stubborn at about $100. I'd only be using it for the rare AM news.
  5. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    AM stations routinely take down their HD signal.

    I also think most of the $100 is the liscence fee for the chips from iBiquity. So it probably won't come down more. Just hope that such a chip is not forced on your satrad unit.
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    Madison has the TUX. Ben Benadati Show. It's a Standards channel. A good drive to work. Except it's AM.
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    I can't stand Hannity. Not sure how he is #2.
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    I agree with Chob, WLW is pretty cool to here on XM. That said I mainly listen to Sirius, but I feel Sirius's talk stations are pretty lacking sometimes. Hopefully once they merge them I will like them, but in the past I was Sirius for Music and some entertainment, but I listened to XM's talk. I also think XM did a better job with its radioclassics channel Greg Bell is great. I think the idea of Sirius/xm building all there own talk tallent will be hard. First off no one will subscribe for people they've never heard of. I mean if I am in a store and on the box it says Chris Davis's left wing show how would I know what he talks about? I mean you have to have some sort of name to sell a product. I think XM's 158 channel is a goodexample of a decent talk channel. Just my opinion though. Most local fm or AM guys aren't any good anymore no flavor its just read the news and do family events and thats it. I think 10 years from now talk radio will be at a wierd place, because I am not sure where the tallent will come from. I guess time will tell.
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    We have only our local NPR station broadcasting in HD.
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    Here in Minnesota it's KQRS Morning show:
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