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Discussion in 'Sirius Radios' started by bigleechild, Feb 11, 2009.

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    I have a lifetime membership that was originated with a car stereo I bought. The car stereo is on the fritz and I would like to buy a new portable radio. What is the procedure for transferring so I don't have to buy another subscription.
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    Lifetime radios in a car are non-transferable. The CSR would have to waive the restriction. You're best bet is to claim your radio was stolen. Even then, transfer is 100% at their discression.

    Good luck. And if another opportunity presents itself, don't do a lifetime on an OEM radio.
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    Interesting... I've never heard that before..

    My apologies.. I misread this, you are referring to an indash unit installed by the auto maker.. sorry about that!
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    If you can find the ESN for the radio in the car, you can try and call SIRIUS and give them the number without telling them that it's a OEM vehicle radio and try to get them to switch it over to the new ESN. It's worth a shot...
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    I agree h3xagram .. can't hurt.. it does come up in their tools telling where the unit is and what kind, but not everyone checks that first to see what it really says.
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    I've never heard of such a restriction where is this restriction shown in writing in the TOS or Lifetime subs description?

    But I do agree with the others, I would never call and say I have a such and such and want to switch to such and such. I just tell them, I'd like to do a Radio Swap, they ask what is the ESN on the radio you want to swap due to the fact that your radio has died and you've been unable to find a replacement, then you give them that ESN, then they ask you the ESN of the new radio and that is that. I understand it is a bit different with Lifetime subs, but again I'd tell them it died and that you've been unable to find a replacement so you just want to switch the sub to another radio. If you tell them it was stolen they may want a police report. So, I would avoid that all together!
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    If you read the lifetime fine print it clearly says OEM lifetime subs are non-transferable except (at their discression) in the event of theft, damage, etc.
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    Yep, I found it after doing some digging:

    9. Lifetime Subscription Plan: A "Lifetime Subscription" is one that continues for the life of the receiver equipment. A Lifetime Subscription is not transferable if it is associated with a receiver installed by an automaker or an automotive dealer in a vehicle, except in the event the original receiver associated with that Lifetime Subscription is stolen, accidentally damaged or if, in the sole discretion of SIRIUS XM Radio Inc.

    I still think the best approach is to say it has died and you've been unable to get a replacement, but would like to to switch it to another radio.

    It is good that they FINALLY have stipulations on these Lifetime plans because for a long time the TOS didn't include any information on them.
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    To the original poster, did Sirius transfer your service to your new radio?

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