Throwable Ball Camera May Revolutionize How We Watch Sports

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    Throwable Ball Camera May Revolutionize How We Watch Sports | ThePostGame

    We have the goal cam, the field cam, and the helmet cam. But the best may be still to come: the ball camera.

    An initial prototype of the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera has 36 mobile phone cameras and a layer of advanced protective foam, a simple toss in the air gives breathtaking perspective to a ball's flight.

    [ame=]Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera - YouTube[/ame]

    It's not hard to see potential in the sporting arena. What if this sort of camera was mounted inside the balls we use on the field in professional sports?

    Can you imagine seeing Santonio Holmes' Super Bowl-winning catch against the Cardinals captured from the perspective of the ball, surrounded by a packed stadium and flying past some of the best athletes in the world? Or perhaps the moment just after Lionel Messi fires at goal, but just before the keeper extends to stop the shot?

    "It would certainly be intriguing to try that," Pfeil told by email Thursday. "We only have a single prototype which we would rather not take into a basketball game. We did, however, take great care to build the prototype as durable as possible."

    Of course it would take immense upgrades and immensely light cameras for such a concept to work in a regulation football or soccer ball, but you have to imagine an in-game version of the ball cam is coming. And after seeing this video, we can't wait.

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