The new truck series pit rules argument on TMD


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Oct 23, 2008
How about the opinion of your fellow MRN and Sirius announcer along with a Truck Series veteran?


I know it wouldn't happen....but wouldn't it be SO cool if every driver/team just ignored the new pit rule? Since every driver would be penalized the same it would even out anyway. That would be such a hoot to see.

(you may say...I'm a dreamer...but I'm not the only one....)


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Nov 28, 2008
Whats the big deal??? You just DON'T allow the fuel can and the air guns over the wall at the same time....DO IT ALL IN ONE STOP, JUST TAKES A LITTLE LONGER!!! Holy Crap.. Now wasn't that simple!!

Dave Moody

Oct 14, 2008
Barre, VT
Perhaps yelling and screaming is an exageration.

Or perhaps, since there was NO yelling or screaming, it was an incorrect statement that should -- in the interest of fairness and accuracy -- be withdrawn.

And "call us back when that happens, I dont want to hear it anymore. Line 1 your up" is pretty much hanging up on the guy isnt it?

Dexter, EVERY caller gets hung up on. Otherwise, each show would have exactly one caller for the entire four hours. The question is, was the caller in question given an opportunity to state his opinion? In this case, it sounds like he probably was.

...with Jeff, I dont get why you didnt bring up the point of why the doom and gloom before it happens when you did with the caller before.

Re-read Mike's post where he explains why. Maybe that will help you understand.

I originally agreed with Bags that the rule change was a worthwhile way to save the NCWTS teams money. However, after talking with Rick Crawford and others, I now believe that NASCAR accomplished its goal by trimming the total number of hard cards allowed from 14 to 12. The new pit rules have not reduced the number of over-the-wall crewmen. It has simply doubled the number of pitstops required to put 7 individuals over the wall to perform their duties.

NASCAR's intentions with this new rule were admirable, but the problem has already been solved by reducing the total number of hard cards. I hope that NASCAR will re-examine this policy and repeal it.


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Oct 11, 2008
Janesville, MN
You're too nice, Dave. I just try and ignore Dexter most of the time...:)

He should really call in and discuss this with you or with TMD...:right:

Thanks for being a part of our community, Dave...:D
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Oct 22, 2008
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Regardless of when you state your opinion, I think its wrong to lose it on a caller for his opinion, and then take he high road when somebody of importance says the exact same thing 15 minutes later. It real easy to tear a strip off a caller when you have the ability to hang up on them, but be consistent when there is someone of importance on the hotline.

I wish the question would have been raised today when Wayne was on. The limit on crew to the track is great, the limit to 5 guys over the wall is fine, why not be able to do tires and feul in 1 stop with 5 guys?
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