The Heisman Trophy goes to...

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Who would you give the Heisman Trophy to?

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  1. QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma

  2. QB Graham Harrell, Texas Tech

  3. QB Colt McCoy, Texas

  4. QB Tim Tebow, Florida

  5. other?

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  1. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    If you were able to vote for the Heisman Trophy winner, who would you vote for?

  2. Elwood

    Elwood Member

    It's Tebow, obviously. Sure he doesn't have the sick stats this year, but 4-4 on 3rd down runs and 3 passing tds on 3rd down last night? Wow.

    All the big12 qbs are putting up great numbers but all that proves is there is no defense in that league. I think they spilt the vote and T edges 'em out - paving the way for a third heisman next year (yeah, he's coming back).

    The only thing standing in his way is voters feeling sorry for screwing Texas in the BCS rankings and handing the trophy to Colt.
  3. Sirius Rich

    Sirius Rich Well-Known Member

    It's Bradford, obviously. He sure does have the sick stats this year, and 5 games over 60 points in a row. I believe that is a record.

    All the SEC qbs are putting up great numbers but all that proves is there is no defense in that league. :roflmao:
  4. goreds2

    goreds2 Well-Known Member

    I voted Bradford. Are any of these quarterbacks thrilled about possibly going to Detroit? (Not sure if all the ones listed are Juniors/Seniors though)

    If they all are in the draft, Detroit could possibly trade up for their pick and draft another one of these QB's later on.
  5. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    Tebowisms... these are funny. :D

    When the bogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks the closet for Tim Tebow.

    Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas.

    You can lead a horse to water. Tim Tebow can make him drink.

    Tim Tebow ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got one.

    Tim Tebow is helping Santa this year, no reindeers needed and he'll be finished before midnight.

    If at first you don't are not Tim Tebow.

    People with amnesia still remember Tim Tebow.

    Tim Tebow hits blackjack with just one card.

    When Google can't find something, it asks Tim Tebow for help.

    Tim Tebow is the reason Waldo is hiding.

    When taking the SAT, write "Tim Tebow" for every answer. You will score more than 1600.

    Yoda never heard of the force until he met Tim Tebow.

  6. Derek

    Derek Member

    I remember Tebow after the loss to Ole Miss. He was emotional and said that he would play harder than he ever had the rest of the season. And he did that and here they are, in the BCS Championship game. He's my choice. (Doesn't hurt that he seems like a great guy off the field too). If he hangs around for another year, could he go for a third Heisman?
  7. Ehilbert1

    Ehilbert1 Ooh-Rah!!!!

    Isn't that a rip off of the Chuck Norrisisms???
  8. Ehilbert1

    Ehilbert1 Ooh-Rah!!!!

    I think Tebow is very talented and has a good shot at it again. That being said I don't get him sometimes. It's like as soon he is in the redzone he calls his own number wayyyyyy to much. He runs the ball 3 plays in a row constantly and when he's stoped all 3 times he decides to use the talent around him to score. He uses all the those guys to get in the red zone and then he gets all the glory. Poor Percy Harvin has to score on long runs to get in the endzone. Tebow has great talent,but he will never ne able to do that in the NFL. He runs three times in a row he may not get back up.
  9. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    I voted Harrell, just because, well you know...

    But if this award is supposed to go to the best college football player, I'd have to give it to Tim Tebow. To me, there's no one better playing the game. If it was an MVP award, which it's not, Colt McCoy would get my vote.

    Tebow could become the most decorated college football player ever. He already has one nat'l championship and one Heisman Trophy. He might add one more of each to his resume this season. And if he comes back next year, well he just might do it all over again.

    It's a shame Shonn Greene from Iowa isn't getting any consideration. The guy has had an incredible year on a mediocre team. For opposing defenses, he's the one guy they gameplan to try to stop, but he still had over 100 yards in every game this season (1,729 for the year).
  10. Musicologist

    Musicologist Member


    Tebow is the total package---outstanding leadership, makes the big plays in the big games, excels at both passing and rushing, commits very few turnovers.

    Bradford's leadership doesn't rise to Tebow's level, he can't run a lick, and he commits more turnovers.

    If the Gator defense does their job on January 8th, Tebow will GIT-R-DONE, just like he did against Alabama.

  11. Bark

    Bark Hey Now!

    The Heisman is practically a joke to me. When was the last time a player won it while being on a crappy team? Individual performance, which the trophy is supposedly all about, and team performance is not necessarily tied together. There is a strong connection, but every once in a while, there should be a great player from a crappy team (or mediocre team) who wins it.

    Anyway, I'm not expert of sports historian. When was the last time a good player from a bad team won it?
  12. Ehilbert1

    Ehilbert1 Ooh-Rah!!!!

    I'm not the biggest Tim Tebow fan by any means,but last year he deserved it. Florida wasn't crappy but they did lose 4 games. He didn't look that great in their bowl game though. His stats were out of this world and he earned that award. This year I don't think so. He is a huge ball hog inside the 10 yard line. Last year he had to do that for his team. This year he doesn't need to. He has great running backs that deserve to be able to run the ball inside the 10 yard line.

    The injustice is Harrell not being invited to New York. His stats are out of this world kinda like Tebows last year. Harrell lost to a top notch Oklahoma team. Tebow lost to Ole Miss who is a good team,but not the calibur of Oklahoma. Thats just my 2 cents. I know AJ is a huge Tech fan and he should be pissed right now. First Tech can't go to a BCS game and now Harrell gets screwd over. I'm sorry that happened AJ. Thats bullshit.
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  13. AJ_II

    AJ_II Well-Known Member

    Yeah believe me, the whole thing is pretty disappointing. If they can invite a guy like Colt Brennan from Hawaii last year, I don't understand why Harrell gets snubbed this year. He was widely considered the front-runner just a few weeks back...Tech finished with 11 wins and co-champs of the best division in college football...he had an amazing season with amazing stats to back it up. I don't get it.

    But it was nice to see him in Orlando tonight for the College Football Awards. And he'll be in Baltimore tomorrow to receive the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award. He didn't win any of the awards he was nominated for tonight, but it was cool to see him there anyway, along with Crabtree and Leach. Crab is the first ever to win the Biletnikoff two times...congrats to Mike! He also made the Walter Camp All-America Team, along with Rylan Reed.

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  14. Musicologist

    Musicologist Member

    I disagree that Tebow was a "huge ball hog" this year. You might be able to make a case for last year, but not this year.

    Through 13 games last year, Tim had 210 rushing attempts. Through 13 games this year, he has only 154 attempts. So he's definitely utilizing his running backs more this year.

  15. Ehilbert1

    Ehilbert1 Ooh-Rah!!!!

    He had to be a ball hog that year. They didn't have a running game. This year he is a ball hog. Look up those attemts inside the 20 yard line. He is a ball hog in the redzone. Thats what I should have said.
  16. blyons200

    blyons200 These pretzels are making me thirsty.

    I don't think you should be allowed to win the Heisman more than once. That being said, I still think Sam Bradford is the best player and should be the Heisman winner.
  17. blyons200

    blyons200 These pretzels are making me thirsty.

    Sam Bradford wins! As a Nebraska fan I am obligated to hate the Sooners. But that doesn't mean me or other Husker fans disrespect them. As a matter of fact, Husker fans respect the hell out of the Sooners. But I hate that damn song!
  18. semipenguin

    semipenguin Bum Looker

    Damn. I voted for Colt McCoy...:(
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  19. Elwood

    Elwood Member

    This is a joke. Look at the Big 12 passing stats:

    1. HarrellTexas Tech4,7472. BradfordOklahoma4,4643. DanielMissouri4,1354. ReesingKansas3,5755. C. McCoyTexas3,445

    As a comparison Stafford from GA in the SEC leads with 3209. Why should a conference be rewarded for not playing D? Can't wait for Florida to put an end to this nonsense with a thumping of OK.
  20. Sirius Rich

    Sirius Rich Well-Known Member

    [ame=""]I love this song[/ame]

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