The Bone Conduction Music Show.


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Sep 26, 2009

By way of introduction, I’ll start off with my favorite on-line radio show. The “Bone Conduction Music Show†hosted by a cat named Thayrone X broadcasts by stream at thayrone2008. A fresh four hour show is actually broadcast over WAAM Radio from Ann Arbor, Michigan USA each Sunday evening from 7 to 11 pm Eastern.

Past four shows are archived for download in one hour increments for detaching oneself from a computer.

I also use a PoGo Radio YourWay LX to download certain podcasts, etc. and for recording various broadcast radio shows to take along while mobile. Right now I have enough weekly music radio shows to which I listen, that another gadget like satellite radio is simply an unnecessary monthly expense.

If there were one device that I would actually purchase for listening on the go, it would be the Slacker Radio. I have Pandora, Slacker, and imeem accounts for listening to music around the house.

I'm looking forward to reading up on and joining in the forums already in progress!