Texeira to Yankees 8 yrs/$180M!

Discussion in 'MLB' started by IronJabroni, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. IronJabroni

    IronJabroni Well-Known Member

    Teixeira to Yankees 8 yrs/$180M!


    so much for the recession...these guys are spending crazy money...can't wait for the $40 hotdogs at the new stadium
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  2. MM

    MM Administrator

    I was just going to post this.

    I bet Red Sox fans are going to be pissed. The Sox really needed him.
  3. YankeeXDev

    YankeeXDev Member

    This is the best Christmas present ever
  4. IronJabroni

    IronJabroni Well-Known Member

    who know why bernard madoff scammed all those people???
    to pay for his 2009 yankees season tix!!!
  5. Ifandorbut

    Ifandorbut Well-Known Member

    I guess the Yankees grew tired of being embarrassed by the Rays and their payroll. Either that or Stonebrainer Junior wants to win one for daddy and is willing to bankrupt the team in the process.
  6. Wolf

    Wolf Manspreading on DRC

    The Yankees always spend big bucks, doesn't mean they will do any better!
  7. Bandit 5160

    Bandit 5160 Member

    The Yankees have SO much money that they are the walking epitome of why a salary cap is sorely needed in MLB. They SHOULD win the Series every year!
  8. Wolf

    Wolf Manspreading on DRC

    nah, it more fun to let some other team win every year!!! :D
  9. IronJabroni

    IronJabroni Well-Known Member

    really? even without a cap they haven't won the WS since 2000
  10. Ifandorbut

    Ifandorbut Well-Known Member

    It doesn't guarantee a WS ring, but it does mean they can make more mistakes via the draft or make mistakes through free agency and can still post up a season of 90+ wins each year, as they have done for many, many years. I know, last year they only won 89.

    Having that kind of money buys you a ton of Mulligans. The Orioles were hefty spendthrifts, but they made a few mistakes in over spending and it bit them on the ass. Some franchises can't make mistakes or they're out of it. That reality isn't a reality with the Yankees. It's a stacked deck.
  11. IronJabroni

    IronJabroni Well-Known Member

    but until that anti-trust exemption is removed you'll never see a cap in baseball

    maybe it'd be more fair to have an nfl-style system but we'll never see it in our lifetimes
  12. Wolf

    Wolf Manspreading on DRC

    There no salary cap in baseball, I thought there was one?
  13. IronJabroni

    IronJabroni Well-Known Member

    no cap...there is a luxury tax/revenue sharing imposed on teams that have payrolls above some amount (don't know the amount off the top of my head)
  14. Ifandorbut

    Ifandorbut Well-Known Member

    Before the Yankees signed TAXiera they were pushing 27 million in fines due to exceeding the luxury tax. I can't imagine what level they've reached at this point after the signing.
  15. ProperModulation

    ProperModulation Green Type of Tube

    I was reading that the luxury tax for the yankees is 40% for anything over $160 mil for next year. So Tex's $23 million salary will really cost them $32 million. I really wanted him to come back to the Angels, but I am glad they didn't overspend trying to keep him. We still got knocked out of the post season really quickly this year, even with Teixeria. No player is a magic bullet that will get you a WS ring. He'd have been a great asset to the team in 2009, but not worth the $23+ million a year it would have cost to keep him.
  16. MAJ Badmotherfarker

    MAJ Badmotherfarker is drinking a beer.

    I got offered a full ride at NYU. I turned it down because I refuse to be a Yankee fan.
  17. IronJabroni

    IronJabroni Well-Known Member

    please say you are joking
  18. MAJ Badmotherfarker

    MAJ Badmotherfarker is drinking a beer.

    Nope. But I also got offered a full ride from Rice U., UC Boulder and OHSU. I decided to be an Astros fan.

    As for the Yankees... did they learn nothing from the 80's? They've always sucked when they try to buy up all the talent. They were great during the 90's when they had young guys from their farm system.
  19. goreds2

    goreds2 Well-Known Member

    In the 80's, the Yankees picked up veterans past their prime. That was their big issue.
  20. Ifandorbut

    Ifandorbut Well-Known Member

    But they never had to dangle those young guys from their system in trade bait because they always had the unlimited cash reserves to obtain a high priced free agent whenever they needed it, or in the case of when another team in their division was courting a player, they could just swoop in at the last minute and better the deal, whether they needed the player or not. How many players have the Yankees purchased when it looked for all the world that Boston or Toronto was just about to ink the deal?

    True, they had a phenomenal system in the early 90's...but they were able to keep it a phenomenal system by not having to deal away all of their "can't miss prospects".

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