Streaming Terrestrial Stations See Audience Growth


Oct 15, 2008
November 14, 2008

As the costs of streaming radio continue to be an uncertainty, online listenership to terrestrial stations that also stream online is growing. According to new data from Arbitron ComScore, CBS Radio's combined efforts with AOL Radio have netted a leap in listenership, growing their audience from 1.9 million in August to 2.3 million for September. Yahoo! was #2 for the month and actually lost some listenership, from 1.2 million in August to 1.1 million in September.

According to the New York Post's sources, a number of Internet stations are pulling back on programming due to the increased royalty rates, which are still being debated in the legal system. However, terrestrial stations are offsetting such costs "by selling integrated online and off-line advertising packages to sponsors."

Clear Channel Radio saw its online traffic jump 12 percent in October with over 14 million unique visitors, putting it in third place, with the growing site, eRockster and IHeartRadio iPhone application adding to the traffic.

NPR's recently online expansion has seen its online traffic increase to 3 million, a 59 percent jump. Citadel's online traffic also grew by 66 percent to over 2.4 million visitors, with Entercom's sites also growing its traffic by 26 percent to just over a million visitors. According to the Post, Yahoo! traffic dropped 16 percent, which may have migrated over to the terrestrial stations' sites
Oct 29, 2008
Listeners are certainly very interested in online streaming. Now with all these "to go" options it is making that much more viable to consumers. More folks will use it when they can get it "on the go". My only complaint is I'm not interested in data plans on cell phones. So the G2 will be the perfect toy once I go for it. Internet radio in the palm of your hand.....