Stiletto in Car w/Sat Radio Already?


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Dec 22, 2008

I apologize for the lack of technical speak...I'll do my best to explain my situation clearly...

For the past two years, I've had Sirius radio hardwired through my car (03 Infiniti G35). I'm not quite sure how the installers did it, but there's a magnetic antenna on the back of my car, and it's wired through the car stereo. All I need to do is hit the "SAT" button on my car radio and I'm listening to satellite radio. All the presets from the car stereo will work with Sirius and I'm very happy with that setup.

Recently for my birthday, I received the Stiletto2. I also received the vehicle kit. Ideally, I'd like to listen to live satellite radio through either the hard wired car radio or the stiletto played through the speakers (so that I can save any songs/programming that I like while I'm listening). My first question would be if this is easily possible without running a second antenna from the back of my car up through the stereo (ie: can the stiletto piggy back off of the wiring for the Sirius that's played through the car stereo?).

If the Stiletto can piggy back, how would I set it up? I assume I need to hook up the cigarette lighter adapter and then hook up the fm antenna (or cassette player option, which I'd probably go with).

If it's that simple, would I be able to buy the cigarette lighter adapter by itself? If I don't need the antenna that comes with the vehicle kit, and I need to buy the cassette adapter separately anyways, it seems like a waste of $50 to keep the vehicle kit.



Oct 10, 2008
Chicago, IL
Certainly you would be able to use the Stiletto and if it's just a magnetic antenna I'm sure you would be able to use that antenna. You would just need to find out what it's connected to right now, unplug it, and plug it into the Stiletto 2.

It's not quite a waste of money to have the Car Kit because the cradle is useful to have to be able to plug in the antenna, power cord, and audio cable.

To answer your question about piggybacking off of the wiring in your vehicle, it's not likely. There is already a tuner/translator in the vehicle that is doing the job of the Stiletto. If possible I would recommend directly connecting the stiletto with an FM Direct Adapter or Aux. Input Adapter. Using one of these will give you an installation very similar to what you have now with the exception of a Stiletto 2 on your dash.

If you really want to make it a sharp looking installation you can hardwire the power too. You wouldn't have any wires hanging out and it would look sharp.
Good Luck.

TSS Taylor

Oct 9, 2008
Chicago, IL
You will still need the Stiletto Vehicle Kit so keep that. You want to get behind your cars radio and access where the Satellite Tuner box is. The Satellite antenna you have on the roof likely has two connectors. The Stiletto vehicle kit only takes one. You might be able to use just one of those connectors and take off the Fakra end and plug the Satellite one into the Vehicle Kit. But hopefully it just has one end. That was you can just remove the Fakra connector and plug it into the Vehicle Kit.

At the very worst and that's not bad I would remove the Satellite Antenna you've had on your roof and replace it with the Dot Micro Antenna that came in the Stiletto Vehicle Kit. Just mount it in the same place.

As far as sound quality goes you will want to use an Aux Input for your G35 to keep the good sound quality you are used to. Audio cables will go from this Aux Input to the Stiletto Vehicle Kit.

And if you want a clean look for mounting I can't suggest the Custom Bracket Mount enough.