Stiletto Acquiring Signal Issues

Discussion in 'Sirius Portables' started by dlnester, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. dlnester

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    I've read a few threads on here about the "Acquiring Signal" message that everybody keeps getting for a few seconds. I have both my SL-10 and SL-100 doing it, in different car docks, out of the car docks, ect.

    It seems this is an issue from up the food chain so to speak. I notice that even in the middle of a field with perfect 100% signal I get this "Acquiring Signal" message for a second. Right before it does it, I notice my signal drops from 3 bars to 2 bars than back to 3 bars really quick. It was really bad on Sirius 122 today, listening to the CBC Hockey Night in Canada show. I turned it to Lithium 24 and it wasn't as bad, but kept happening.

    I wonder what Sirius XM is up to? Are they making changes on their end and causing this problem? Anybody else want to chime in?
  2. speed_phreak

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    i live in a rather flat area and have never had really dropouts before. i do believe i have noticed this a little bit as well... i have seen the bar dance as well...

    maybe sirius is lowering the transmit power and having rolling dropouts to make their satellites last longer in this tough economic climate. :idunno:
  3. taybuch

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    I've seen this seemed to get worse for me after the November channel update. Even with 3 bars, in the car dock, I'll get dropouts and the acquiring signal message for a few seconds every few minutes.

    I'm just glad I'm not the only one.
  4. syphix

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    I had this with my Stiletto 100, too. VERY annoying and the #2 reason I disconnected my SIRIUS and went with XM. (#1 is that I couldn't seem to get Premium Internet on my Stiletto)
  5. I have had customers that have this same issue and one thing that has worked before is reseting the stiletto. If you have your USB cable and software that came with the unit you can do both units in about 10-15 minutes. You can also do what's called a "hard reset" which can cause some problems in trying to reconfigure it using your computer, but it will reset it to factory specs. After you receive all the current updates you should be back in business.
  6. syphix

    syphix Member

    Did a "hard reset", device recovery, still had issues.
  7. syphix

    syphix Member

    It seems the Acquiring Signal issues are only on XM "provided" channels. I get them mostly on The Virus (197) and 40's on 4.

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