Stern on Torrents


Release Robin's Bra
Oct 11, 2008
now let me start off by saying i am a sirius sub and have been since 1 9 06 and i will be one until stern says his last word on the service,

that being said i have the sl2 and record the show every day. however, there are some days where i cant keep the radio docked for six hours and need to use it. i was on vacation all week and was unable to record the shows. i have to work all weekend and thus wont be able to record the weekend replays cause i use my radio at work.

when i am unable to record the shows i often dl them from various torrent sites. lately i have been using torrent bay, bit junkie, and iso hunt. when i tried these sites to get this weeks shows (2-9 through12-09) they are not up. usually when i have had to do this the shows are up the next day or so. (which is the reason i dont cancel sirius, cause i like to listen live while i can or the same day) it would be nice to just get an ipod so i could have 120 gigs and the show but for my above reasons i will stick with my 8gb micro sd card in the sl2.

im wondering if anyone can help me out and let me know where i can find this weeks shows for download. i read norm was on and love him, and just dont want to miss a show no-matter the guests.

so please help me out here. anything you can do, or advice you have would be great! Thanks a lot!



Oct 14, 2008
Obviously, you're inviting him to come to work with you so that you, him, and your coworker can all listen, right? ;) :D

What a kind gesture to offer someone a job in this time of economic struggle. Without a job, the unemployed may resort to stealing stuff other people have to pay for.