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  1. The following was posted in another thread. I'd like to explore this more in it's own thread.
    Originally Posted by jeddeth
    I'm still having issues with two stations. I got them both off of the "share your slacker stations" thread on this board.

    The Fred Essentials Collection


    Left Of Center Replacement

    In the web player I can add them to my player no problem, but no matter how many times I refresh the portable, or change their placement in the stations order list, or delete other stations to make extra room, they just don't get added to my G1.

    Does anyone have any idea why this might be? Could it be because you are required to have a premium subscription to use other people's stations? I just don't get it and it's so frustrating!


    Well first I am noticing the stations are not linked above. Maybe we can re post those stations here later. For others to try to transfer to their portable. I am doing my first refresh on my G2 since the update. I also just transferred over to the "plus" subscription. My player is refreshing as we speak. This is what I notice from the start. I did some changes before this refresh. Adding some stations I have not had on the player yet, and deleting some. I have 16 stations on my portable list, and it was saved before doing the transfer. Now that the refresh is happening it is only refreshing 12 stations not the 16 that is on my list. This is what I notice so far. I have added a number of stations that were from shared stations threads. It is adding, and refreshing one of those stations right now. My guess though is for some reason it does not want to add some of these stations to the player. I could be related to licensing as has been discussed a little in the past. I've added a few stations that I have not put on the player before. So I can't give my final results until the refresh finishes which will be a little while. I guess I am suggesting post a station you are having trouble transfering to your portable, and maybe others can try it to see what results they get. Maybe along the way we can confirm certain stations do not transfer. If some users can transfer a certain station, but others users can't then certain individuals may need slacker support assistance. Later I will post what 4 channels don't want to transfer on my device. As I stated I requested a 16 channel transfer, and it is only doing 12. I have added shared thread stations as well as a slacker basic artist station ...more results later.
  2. The following stations did not transfer to my G2. I have radio plus subscription. 12 out of my 16 stations transfered on my 25 channel G2. If you feel like it see if you can transfer one of these stations, and post your results......

    A shared station from this board (On vacation)
    Slacker Personal Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations

    Standard station from Slacker list (World)
    Slacker Personal Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations

    Just a artist I picked from the slacker library of stations (Stevie Ray Vaughn station)
    Slacker Personal Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations

    A shared station from a slacker staff member pulled from the slacker board(Soundscapes)
    Slacker Personal Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations

    This was the first time I tried uploading these stations with no luck. I'll certainly try it again some time. I have other stations that are from shared station threads that are transferring just fine. So this is not a problem with all of them. Post your results, or stations you have trouble with. Can you transfer any of the above stations to your portable ?
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  3. I've sent a email to Slacker. Listing those station links, and asking if they can clarify why they don't transfer. I'm wondering if I change the Stevie Ray Vaughn station title. If that will allow me to transfer it. Just a long shot. Hopefully Slacker can clear it up with the specific info I gave them.
  4. jeddeth

    jeddeth Member

    Here is a response I got on the Slacker Forums.

    I'm refreshing now and it seems to be uploading the stations I couldn't get before.

    Sorry if this whole controversy is because I am a moron. Either I didn't read the instructions carefully enough or... I probably didn't. Years of computer intuition have made me a... slacker.
  5. I have definately saved those stations I listed above. They are also listed in my favorite stations folder. They have also been saved on the portable list. At this point it is not a strain on me. It is not a big deal at this point. I'll work on it some more, but thanks for sharing RomeE response. Glad you got it working for ya......
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    Well that makes total sense jeddeth because that is step that I always do the saving it.

    Thanks for the clarification! We can close this thread now! LOL ;)

    I've never had a station not load. Just for the heck of it I am going to try those listed above and see what results I get.

    I'll report back a little later!
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    Well all saved to my web player as custom channels and I added them to the portable and ran the refresh. I only had 15 channels and adding these would give me 19. It says refreshing 16 of 19, so they are being added to the G2. The Vacation and Soundscapes one look pretty good, have no interest in the other two though.
  8. Thanks for giving it a try. I tried a second time with the same result. I guess I will delete them from my lists. Then add them again. Maybe that will work......

    Soundscapes is very soothing. I like it before bed, or early in the morning...
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  9. I deleted those four stations from my favorite stations folder. Then saved them back to the folder again. Then sent them to the portable via a different manner this time. It is now updating all four of those stations.

    This time I clicked the arrow next to the station name next to the player. Then clicked send to portable. Rather then doing it from the portable tab. Where you have to drag, and drop.

    I guess when in doubt. Delete the station, and re add it. I'll stick to the send to portable method I used this time. Lesson learned.....
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    The main key is making sure you save it to your web player as a custom station. Click portable from the tab and then found the custom channel category, found the station and clicked add, whch is how I always do it.
  11. Under the portable tab. I was dragging them from my favorites tab originally. So maybe that was part of the problem. Those channels are both in fav and custom folders. Anyway clicking send to portable from the player page worked fine. I'll experiment more in the future. It's all a learning process.....
  12. To expand on this a little to save others the trouble in the future. I noticed if I have a custom station. If you save it to your favorites folder. It does not necessarily save to your custom folder. So for upcoming soon to be portable owners. When wanting to add a custom station to your portable. Be sure that your custom station is in fact located, and saved in that custom folder. I think some of mine were in the favs folder, but not in the custom folder. This is what caused my issue, but this was resolved once I verified custom stations were in custom folder. Anyhow I just want to reiterate this as I'm sure some of you maybe getting nice gifts from santa.

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