Sportster Replay "Updating Channels" about 2-3 times a day


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Dec 14, 2008
I've had a Sirius Sportster Replay (lifetime subscription) for a little over two years now. For the last several months (since about late August or early September), I've been horribly annoyed by the frequent "Updating Channels" messages that the unit displays. Over the last several months, it has happened two to three times a day for a couple of minutes at a time. During this time, there is no sound and the Updating Channels message increments itself 20% at a time. When it reaches 100% after a few minutes, nothing has really happened other than the interruption of service.

From reading over on siriusbackstage, I noticed that people with units from the same era (but not necessarily the same model) began experiencing the same annoyance at around the same time:

Frequent Channel Updates? - SIRIUS Backstage Forum

updating channels - SIRIUS Backstage Forum

Is there anything that can be done? Since it began happening to different models nationwide at around the same time, I doubt that there is anything actually wrong with my radio. Furthermore, I'd hate to have to use up one of my three lifetime subscription transfers if Sirius is doing something underhanded to get people with older hardware (or lifetime subscriptions) to buy new radios.

Does anyone out there have any more insight on this issue?


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Dec 3, 2008
this has happened off and on to both of my sportster replays since the summer. particularly annoying when Howard has a good guest on.

it ONLY happens though when driving into and out of a particular city (Hamilton, ON) which made me think it had something to do with the unit switching to the terrestrial repeater signal from the satellite signal (when entering the city) and then back (when leaving the city). it also tends to happen in very specific locations too.

I do recall reading somewhere also that some people thought it was some sort of big brother thing whereby Sirius was screwing with people making them think their sportster replays were defective, making them go get a new unit because the FM transmitter in the sportster replay is too strong and violates the new fcc agreement. i have no idea if that's true or not (but Im quite willing to continue to spread the rumour)