Slacker Refresh - How it "knows"


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Aug 13, 2009
I had the following "live chat" session with Slacker support today. I just got the Slacker and I asked how the G1 Slacker "knows" to refresh a station. Maybe you guys knew this already, so ignore the post if you do. Below is the log of the conversation:

Chat Dialog

Frank S.: Hi, my name is Frank S.. How may I help you?

Me: what is the algorithm that the G1 uses to determine if a station needs to be refreshed?

Frank S.: The G1 needs to be refreshed once every 30 days or when it runs out of legally playable music.

Me: no, i mean how does the slacker g1 know to refresh a station and not the others - for instance i have 5 stations, sometimes all 5 are refreshed and sometimes less than the 5 stations are refreshed - this is without me signing into the web version of slacker - i am not complaining about the refresh, i just want to know how the slacker "knows" what station(s) need to be refreshed

Frank S.: It remembers what stations you've played and which you haven't.

Frank S.: It only refreshes the stations you've listened to.

Me: ok, thanks very much


Dec 16, 2008
I see no reason for slacker to pay more bandwidth fees to refresh a station or songs you never listen too. That would just mean more cost to pass on to customers.