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Discussion in 'Slacker Radio' started by SatRadioRules, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. SatRadioRules

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    So.....I downoloaded Airfoil for the Mac today. It allows you to stream ANYTHING from your Mac to a Airport express in your home. I have one hooked up to my main TV/Entertainment center. I use it to stream iTunes. With Airfoil and the HighJack plug in, I can stream anything from my browser to the stereo! I opened Slacker, hit "play" and activated AirFoil...VIOLA! Slacker on my stereo from my MacBook Pro.

  2. MM

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    Awesome! Sounds like something I need to try.
  3. I have my computer sound card plugged into my home stereo directly. Streaming internet radio on your home stereo system rocks !

    Is this some sort of wireless set up you refer to ? Your doing it because your computer is not in the same room as your stereo ? Sounds like you are using a few elements to get it to come out your home stereo. Are you using a lap top ? Sorry I don't pay much attention to Mac stuff.
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  4. MikeV

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    I've been using Airfoil to get Slacker over to my Apple TV (which acts as an AirTunes device) for a while now. :)
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    The Airport Express is a wifi extender/router device. It has audio outputs as well. You can place it near stereo receivers, then stream itunes from any computer to any receiver! Airfoil allows you to stream ANYTHING from the mac. I can stream Slacker from the library to my main stereo in another room. PRetty cool.
  6. I see. Very cool.

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