Slacker G1/G2 Support Info Updated (1/26/09)

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    Ban/Home (forced restart)

    Slacker support is making it clear that this should only be used if your G2 becomes totally non responsive and this is after pausing it and letting it sit for 2 hours where it will do an auto shut-off.

    There have been so cases where the G2 will not sign in to refresh stations. Please pause the device, let it shit for 2 hours and it will auto-shut off, this could possibly fix the signing in issue. If you find that it does not, you may need to do a factory reset.

    Do not get in the habit of forcing a shut down by using the Ban/Home buttons. Slacker support strongly recommends you avoid doing this. They akin this to shutting down a computer by just pushing and holding the power button down. This does not give the device a chance to go through the proper shut down procedure and could cause other issues.

    If your G2 won't turn off or won't start up you can do a manual reset:
    (G2 Only)

    Try the procedure above letting the G2 sit for 2 hours to allow it to auto-shut down. If the device is just totally non-responsive then you may have no choice, but to do the following. You can also try the ban/home buttons as this will do a forced shut down. Do this only as a last resort!

    Take the back of the player off (there's a little hole at the top you can use a paperclip to open up and remove the top part of the player).

    After you do that, there's a * on the right side, and a hole to the left of that *, use the paperclip to click in there until you feel the button click. This will power the player off. If you press and hold that it will reboot the player after 5 seconds. Try doing both, with the player hooked up to power and not hooked up to power. It'll reset the player and should recover.

    If you find your G1 is stuck in a restarting cycle then you may need to do a recovery procedure:

    ONLY DO THIS IF INSTRUCTED TO DO SO BY SLACKER SUPPORT AND THEY HAVE SENT YOU AN EMAIL with the zip file being referred to in step one of the instructions.

    This is the step by step for doing a recovery on the (G1 Only)

    1. Save the attached .zip file to your computer.
    2. Extract and Run the .p12 file inside of the zip file.
    3. While in stalling the .p12 file, click “Next” on everything (no passwords, default settings).
    4. It will say it was successfully imported when it has finished.
    5. Unplug the USB cable from the Slacker Portable.
    6. Start Slacker Software Player and log into the account associated
    with the Slacker Portable. If you have the USB station refresher installed instead, you can run the Slacker Software Player by going to c:\program files\slacker\USB Station Refresher\slacker.jukebox.exe
    7. Reboot the Slacker Portable:
    8. While the player is rebooting, slide the hold switch all the way up
    into the lock position and hold the Volume Up ('+') key simultaneously
    (This must be done quick as soon as the screen goes black.
    9. You should see the blue boot loader screen with a green bar across
    the bottom. This indicates that the player is entering flash recovery
    10. When you see a screen with instructions to press the Volume Down
    ('-') key to continue, do not do this yet.
    11. Plug the USB cable into the Slacker Portable.
    12. Press the Volume Down ('-') key
    13. You should see the Slacker Portable go to another screen indicating
    that recovery is taking place
    14. On your PC, the device should now be recognized and a driver should
    automatically load
    15. Once the driver is loaded, you will see a modal dialog launch in
    the Slacker Software Player that a flash recovery device has been
    plugged in, press OK to continue or Cancel to abort.
    16. Press OK.
    17. The recovery process takes several minutes, but you should see
    status updates in the dialog as the process continues.
    NOTE: The first screen does not have a progress indicator, though it has the "done" button. Give it 10 minutes and subsequent screens do have progress indicators.
    14. When the recovery process has completed, the Done button on the
    modal dialog in Slacker Software Player should become enabled.
    See the note above. It appears enabled in the first screen. Don't press it yet!
    15. Press done to clear the dialog.
    16. You may have to manually reboot the device at this point for it to
    complete the recovery and firmware update process.

    DRC is not responsible to what might happen to your device in performing these procedures. This post is for informational purposes only and you should contact Slacker support!
  2. For the G2. Slacker support generally suggests to try first reboot the device by making sure it is plugged to the wall adapter and then holding down the Home and Ban buttons simultaneously for 10 - 15 seconds.

    Slacker support is no longer suggesting this as a fix without first pausing and letting it sit for 2 hours, which will cause it to do an auto-shut down. Once you restart your issues should be resolved. If not then go to the contact support.

    No comment from me on the G1 as I don't own one.
  3. DAB

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    Good Stuff! :thumbsup:
  4. Also just to add a bit more.......

    A official slacker forum users asked this question....

    Why is this Reset instruction not included in the manual or anywhere online? I searched up and down for at least 30 minutes...

    A Slacker staff member responded......

    The main reason for this is because constantly rebooting any of our Portables can get them into a bad state, resulting in the need for reflashes, Factory Resets, etc to get them to a usable state again.

    Now, while reboots are necessary for some situations, we've found that when most people find a reboot option, they will tend to overuse it, which could lead to the above-mentioned problems. It could also cause people to reboot when the appropriate response is to just wait, or try another option.

    Saving the reboot until it is needed can save a lot of future headache and frustration. Of course, there are also times when it's necessary, which is what we're here for (among other things).

    So go easy on those reboots/resets.....
  5. ibprtazpolpcp

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    I did the G1 reflash discussed above yesterday. The following is parenthetical...

    It's interesting that I and >50% of everybody can't easily reFRESH via USB, but this reFLASH was easy and REQUIRES (due to the digital certificate) USB instead of wifi.
  6. I went to wake up my G2 in the car after being in the store. It got stuck with all the button lights on, and would not play. I tried the hold down the heart/ban button trick, but that did not work. I then did the paperclip trick in the hole. That worked like a charm ! My first little G2 twirk.......
  7. DAB

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    Well clearly the G2 is not without it own set of quirks though clearly not as many as the G1. I was really pissed when I had to do the factory reset though and lose all my built up stations.
  8. xan_user

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    Got in the car today and it wouldn't respond to the buttons. After it got warm it worked, sluggishly at first.

    only got down to 31*f last night. I imagine really cold temps must make it virtually useless.
  9. DAB

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    You left it out in the car? SHAME ON YOU! LOL :)
  10. xan_user

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    I have a media PC with multi-room, controllable throughout the house, my slacker portable is for um, portable use.

    I wonder how long it would take my slacker to drain an optima redtop if i left it playing and hooked up to a non switched outlet?
  11. TX WJ

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    My G1 is a worthless brick at this point.
  12. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    What up with it?
  13. TX WJ

    TX WJ Intelligent Donkey

    Won't connect via wi fi, won't connect via usb (never got that to work)
  14. DAB

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    Sounds like you have the issue via your router, modem or wap.
  15. TX WJ

    TX WJ Intelligent Donkey

    It connected fine for a week, now nothing.
  16. DAB

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    hmmm that is interesting. I know I had that issue with my Slacker G2 and the only fix for me was to do the factory reset.
  17. TX WJ

    TX WJ Intelligent Donkey

    tried that and nothing
  18. TX WJ

    TX WJ Intelligent Donkey

    I will try the factory reset again
  19. TX WJ

    TX WJ Intelligent Donkey

    40th time is the charm, it is putting 1 of my 19 stations on right now.:rolleyes:
  20. DAB

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    Yeah it is strange that this just happened out of the blue.

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