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Discussion in 'Slacker Radio' started by DAB, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. DAB

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    I just got my Slacker Car Charger today. I ordered it Thursday and it arrived here this morning via USPS. Great service. I orderd this because I take some really long trips on the road. Plus after listening all day then traveling at night I found myself coming up a little short battery wise, this will help with that.

    Check out the packaging.. Once again very attractive!


  2. No car or home dock I see. Hasn't this G2 been out for a few months now. Guess they consider those accessories as being useful. Maybe another company will team up if the product is selling well.
  3. DAB

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    From everything I've read it seems they do plan to have docks, but that has not been their primary focus just yet. I also think they are struggling to get someone to make them because lets face it they haven't exactly sold a ton of these. So to find a manufacture willing to make a limited run of these will be hard for them to find. It is also my understanding that even on the Slacker device itself the profit margin is so low most retailers don't even want to mess with it. I think this is much of why they haven't be able to get the 8GB version out there thus far.

    A home and car dock would be perfect for this, hopefully they can work this out. If retailers can't make any money on them though they won't be selling them. (That is a problem)
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  4. Music_Rube

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    Cool! I have been out of the loop for busy with other stuff that I didn't even realize Slacker offered this. I will probably spring for one of these things soon!

    I agree the packaging looks awesome!
  5. TX WJ

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  6. blacknoi

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    Is there an aftermarket charger available? 30 bux seems kind of steep for the OEM version.
  7. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    So you have 1 car charger in a package 10 times its size? You wonder why we are drowning in trash.

    I hope you do enjoy your charger DAB. And the packaging does look very attractive even if it is wasteful.
  8. xan_user

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    slacker specs say they need 1 amp. most usb 12v are only 500ma.
    i have a fm transmitter with usb combo that works well. cant remember the brand..i got it in wallmart for 20 bux. its rated at 750ma (i dont use the transmitter part unless i have no other option)

    i tried a ipod charger that was 500ma but it did not have the juice to charge the slacker.
  9. blacknoi

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    I just ordered the G1 off the wootoff a few hours back so hence my questions.

    I take it the charging port is just a mini usb connector or something standard (trying to squint and see from DAB's picture)? or is it proprietary?

    I definitely will need to get a charger for the car and I'm sure there's something that'll fit the bill that already exists to charge something else.
  10. xan_user

    xan_user Banned

    yep mini just needs a little more juice than most.
  11. blacknoi

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    Thanks Xan! I'll look for a mini usb car adapter with the right amperage out.
  12. Ryokurin

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    I use a Blackberry car charger for my G1. Does the trick nicely. Not an official one, just the generic one they sell in the electronics department at wal-mart for around $10
  13. blacknoi

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    Just reporting that we got the G1 in the mail yesterday and a generic mini-usb car charger (originally purchased for a Tmobile G1 phone...oh the irony) charges the SlackerG1 just fine.

    Thanks for the tips in this thread guys!
  14. TSS Taylor

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    Tha'ts probably the coolest packaging I've ever seen for a car adapter.

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