SL2 Not updating since merger either.

Oct 20, 2008
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I plugged my SL2 into my computer to download the latest update and it is not working. It looks like it starts and then gives me a message that it cannot be completed. Anyone else try to update their SL2 since the merger?

I'll post the message when I do it again.


Nov 12, 2008
Wait update? Mine I think is still at the last one a few months ago. It displays the channel names, but voice tags are wrong, and the on-line internet is still the same and really confusing. I hope zing fixes this soon.


Oct 17, 2008
This thread worried me today... Here's the story:

I decided to add new recording. So, I go in the recoding menu, select the "Setup New Recording" menu, fill in the information, then select "Done". When I go in the "Already Scheduled" submenu, my new recoding does not appear. So, I think that I must have forgotten to select "Done". I repeat the add schedule process. No improvement. I then suspect that there's some file system corruption, or something. So, why not do a shutdown? It's been a while since I've done one... So, I shutdown.

Then, I restart my SL2. It starts booting: one circle filled, two, three, four... so far, so good... then... nothing! It waits on that fourth circle. After a few minutes, I shutdown (holding the off button for 12 seconds), and reboot. Same thing. It doesn't get past the fourth filled circle. :(

OK, time for a device recovery. Now, having read this thread, I get worried! :scared:

So, I launch the device recovery. Luckily, everything went OK. The recovery software didn't seem to download anything off the internet, though. This usually takes quite a long time. Instead, it stared sending the software directly to the SL2. (Probably, it had a copy stored on hard disk from the last recovery). Anyway, the SL2 got the software, rebooted itself, and now it's back working.