SL 2 How to recover

Thomas Cole

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Jul 11, 2009

After almost two years of use my Stiletto is very screwed up! When it boots up and you hit channels it has a blank screen. If I type in a channel number it will come up with "error" and re-boot. I cannot even get to "settings".

Is there some way to "re-load" the firmware. If I try it tells update available.

There must be a way to fix or I will have to get a new one. Big "Stern" fan and I have no other way to record the show now that "Starplayr" has gone!!!!

Thx for any help.



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Oct 11, 2008
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Yes. You must download the recovery application on your PC from:

SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Stiletto Device Recovery

Then shutdown your SL2 by holding down the off button for 5+ seconds. Turn it on while holding down the options + display buttons. You will get a error popup saying hook to your pc to recover. Your PC will recognize it and prompt you to start the device recovery software. Do so and follow on screen prompts. Your PC will say it is done before the SL2 has completely recovered but within 5-10 minutes you should be good to go. The whole process takes 20-30 minutes (more if you have a slow internet connection).

There is a detailed thread in the SBS archives on it as well. Good luck.