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Oct 7, 2008




Model #: SXPL1V1

Want the most from your satellite radio? Then Onyx Plus is the radio for you. We’ve combined our most advanced technology with exciting features to create the ultimate listening experience in or out of your vehicle.

  • See full color album art while you listen
  • Never again tune in to the middle of a song. Start songs from the beginning with TuneStartâ„¢
  • Create your own music channel by blending your favorite channels with TuneMixâ„¢
  • Did you miss that? Pause, rewind, and replay on your favorite channels for up to 30 minutes
  • Sports fans – never miss a game or score again with game and score alerts, and sports ticker
SiriusXM Onyx Plus with Vehicle Kit Features:

  • View program and channel information on a full color display featuring album art, channel logos and graphics
  • Store up to 20 of your favorite channels for one – touch access
  • Pause, rewind and replay live satellite radio plus all your Smart Favorite channels
  • Automatically start songs from the beginning when you tune to a Smart Favorite music channel with TuneStartâ„¢
  • Create your own music channel that is a blend of your Smart Favorite music channels with TuneMixâ„¢
  • Scan and select songs that have already played on your Smart Favorite music channels with TuneScanâ„¢
  • Enjoy*SiriusXM Xtra Channels*- 20+ channels of additional music, sports, entertainment and*SiriusXM Latino, a collection of Spanish language channels*
  • Listen at home, at the office, outdoors, or in additional vehicles – all with just one subscription
  • Get alerts so won’t miss any of your favorite artists, songs and games*
  • Get score alerts when scores occur in games that involve your selected teams*
  • Catch up on the latest sports scores with Sports Tickerâ„¢*
  • Browse what’s playing on other channels while listening to the current one
  • Lock and unlock channels with mature content
  • Jump back to the previous channel with One-Touch Jumpâ„¢
  • Access traffic and weather for the city of your choice with the press of a button
  • Hear SiriusXM through your existing vehicle stereo with easy, do-it-yourself installation
  • **Add optional accessories for your home, office, outdoors, or even vehicles. **
  • Store FM presets to optimize*PowerConnectâ„¢ performance
  • Works on the XM network

SiriusXM Portable Sound System SXABB2

System: Power Requirements: 9-16 V DC, 500 mA (max) Operating Temperature: -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C) Audio Output: 1.0 Vrms (max) SiriusXM Onyx Plus Radio: Dimensions: 4.5 in (width) x 2.4 in (height) x 0.7 in (depth) 115 mm (width) x 61 mm (height) x 17 mm (depth) Weight: 3.4 oz (96 g) PowerConnect™ Vehicle Dock: Dimensions: 4.0 in (width) x 2.6 in (height) x 1.2 in (depth) 102 mm (width) x 65 mm (height) x 31 mm (depth) Weight: 1.6 oz (46 g) FM Connector: 2.5 mm female Audio Connector: 1/8 in (3.5 mm) female Antenna Connector: SMB male Power Connector: 4.8 mm female PowerConnect Power Adapter: Dimensions: 3.7 in (width) x 1.7 in (height) x 1.3 in (depth) 94 mm (width) x 43 mm (height) x 34 mm (depth) Weight: 2.4 oz (69 g) Input/Output: 9-16 V DC / 5 V DC, 1.5 A Cable Length: 4 ft 7 in (1.4 m) Vehicle Antenna: Type: XM Magnetic Mount Connector: SMB female, right angle Cable Length: 23 ft (7.0 m) Aux In Cable: Connectors: 1/8 in (3.5 mm) stereo male to 1/8 in (3.5 mm) stereo male Cable Length: 4 ft (1.2 m)

What’s Included:

  • SiriusXM Onyx Plus Dock & Play Radio
  • PowerConnectâ„¢ Vehicle Dock
  • PowerConnectâ„¢ Power Adapter
  • Magnetic Mount Antenna
  • Cable Routing Adapter
  • Vent Mount and Extended Vent Clamps
  • Dash Mount
  • Aux In Cable
  • Alcohol Preparation Pads
  • Quick Start Guide (English)


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Oct 14, 2008
Cleveland, OH
If it could record like the Lynx, I'd switch to it immediately.
I've about had it with the quirks the Lynx has - takes forever to boot, Bluetooth shuts off, popping/clicking. Fortunately, pulling the battery temporarily fixes it.
But, everything I've read about the Onyx Plus makes me believe this is a much better radio.


Oct 19, 2008
Toledo, Ohio
My Lynx is still treating me me very well, but the Onyx has all of the features I use on my Lynx anyway. The added features like the artist alert and sports ticker are things folks have been asking for since the Lynx came out. The tune-mix and start now are features I'm glad they brought forward.


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Aug 7, 2011
As I said when it came out- it is the best of both worlds between new and old features-
Hands down the best radio that SiriusXM has put out with simplicity and making it affordable.