SiriusXM app for Windows Phone 8?

Discussion in 'SIR & XMRO Internet Radio' started by electricpotato, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. electricpotato

    electricpotato New Member

    I've been a Sirius subscriber since about May 2005.
    I've had 3 subs for most of those years - one for my truck, one for my wife's car and a Stiletto at home. Recently the Stiletto's volume button broke so I figured it was time to ditch the Stiletto, get the iPhone app and subscribe to the internet service.
    Wow - I've been missing a lot. The phone app is so well done - much better than I expected.

    But now - my contract was up on my phone and I was just bored with the iPhone so I decided to go with the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8.
    Love the phone but miss the SiriusXM app. I've kept my iPhone 4 just for this app.

    Anyone know if Sirius has any plans to develop an app for Windows Phone 8?
  2. HecticArt

    HecticArt Administrator

    Electricpotato (possibly one of the coolest DRC user names)

    Nobody knows for sure, but the guess around here is that an app for WP8 may not be in the works, at least any time soon. If WP8 takes off and grabs some serious market share, we may see it. Can you access streaming through the web browser?
  3. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing This space for rent

    I second the coolness of the nickname -- welcome to DRC.

    As Hectic said, I think they will only update if it gets enough share. They have a BB app but I don't think it has all the cool features as BB has been losing share and why put the work into a dying market?

    I get the feeling that Win8 may put MS in 3rd place so they may get an app eventually. Keep in mind that even if/when SXM decides to make an app they move at a snails pace so you may have to wait a while.
  4. electricpotato

    electricpotato New Member

    Kind of a long story on that name. I used to be heavy into BBS's back in the 80's. I was always a Batman fan so my handle was, of course, Batman.
    Once the Michael Keaton movie came out though, everybody and their brother was Batman. So I tried to come up with something that was unique that no one could possibly copy by accident. I liked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic (before it really got popular and turned into a cartoon and movies) so I tried to come up with a silly name like that. I eventually hit on "Interplanetary Electric Potato."
    Later I just shortened it to ElectricPotato.
    I wanted to register but I guess even with a goofy name like that , someone else is bound to think of it. It's some kind of porn site.

    Anyways - I used to be very active on the previous iteration of this forum a few years ago - ( - was that the name?). I was probably "Seismo" back then or maybe "SeismoJones."

    But once that site went down the tubes and the user based moved to DRC, I kind of lost interest in keeping up with the forums. So I've been around a while - just don't participate much anymore.

    Hopefully the Windows Phones take off. I really like it so far but the lack of apps is a little frustrating.
    Besides the SiriusXM app, Pandora isn't available yet - it's coming 2013.
    One app that I used a lot on my iPhone was PlugPlayer. It allowed me to easily stream my music off of my home NAS. So far there isn't an alternative quite as nice. But I think I'm gonna stick with the Windows Phone. I'm digging it.

    No, unfortunately.
    It requires flash and I don't believe any mobile device supports flash anymore....Adobe has ceased development of flash mobile.
  5. Dylan87

    Dylan87 New Member

    I'm right there with you buddy - I carry my old iPhone around just for the SiriusXM app.
    Our best bet to get this moving faster might be to let Microsoft know - they have been known to subsidize development of apps they see as important.

    There is a suggestion at the Windows Phone website for a SiriusXM app - head over to vote for it. If it gets enough votes, maybe we won't have to wait as long:

    Sirius XM Satellite radio App
  6. SXM_Help

    SXM_Help Member

    Hi there -

    Currently, there are no plans for a Windows 8 app. We will be happy to pass the suggestion along to our engineering team for consideration.

    SiriusXM Digital Care Team
  7. electricpotato

    electricpotato New Member

    At a minimum, SjriusXM should look at ditching the reliance on Flash. It's a resource hog and has no mobile support.
    But yes, Windows Phone users realize they're a very small segment of the user base but a dedicated app would be appreciated. The iPhone app may be the best designed app I've ever used. I'd even happily pay for a WP8 app.
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  8. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing This space for rent

    I second this on the principle that even on a PC, Flash is a resource hog and sucks.

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